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Jul 15, 2014 05:23 PM

Orsa and Winston

We went recently and completely disappointed. We ordered the fiver-course dinner and found the entire meal to be mediocre.

The seafood starter was tasteless and so was the risotto course; the lamb was a bit better. But nothing stood out. Mediocre is the word.

And, even worse, the presentation is pretentious: Mediocre food served pretentiously is worse than just mediocre food.

To make matters worse, the pacing of the meal was awful. The waits between courses seemed interminable, so much so that our party actually contemplated paying and leaving before the main course was served! As we were about to get up and ask for the check, the main course arrived---it was lamb belly. I found it good; others at our table found it average.

The final insult: The tab was way way too high for what was served and for the way it was served.

The ambience of the restaurant: Plain.

We would never consider returning. I would be very much surprised if the restaurant is there a year from now.

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  1. I completely agree with this review and felt the dinner we had there was a waste of time, and money. So very disappointing.