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Jul 15, 2014 05:02 PM

Is there something going on with the site for iphone again?

Not sure it's just me or my phone. On the iphone I can see the main list of active discussions (the Chowhound button) and I can click on a thread from there and see all the replies, etc. But then when I click the board name to go to a specific board, like Manhattan or Site Talk, all I get is a blank page. I tried clicking from the main Chowhound active discussion page and I tried clicking from the My Boards list and I've tried clicking from the "return to Manhattan" when I successfully read a thread. All to no avail.

I went on my home computer to see if it was affected. But no. Seems fine.

Any thoughts anyone?
Thanks much.

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    1. Yeah its totally f'd up!! Screen shot here for site people

      1. Whoa, that's not right. We're looking into it--thanks for the reports and screen shot folks.

        1. I'm having the same issue on my iphone (both Safari and Chrome).

          1. Same here,both on my Android phone and on my tablet.