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Jul 15, 2014 04:46 PM

kosher restaurants from ny to maine

i am driving to maine with the kids and was wondering if there are any places to stop along my route to break up the trip....looks like my gps is taking my on I-91, I-90 and then back on 95 in new hampshire to sr-25/us 302....never driven this way before so not familiar with anything....

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  1. Dinosaur state Park off I-91 is a short stop to step into dinosaur footprints. Sturbridge Village is right on your route, about 2 hrs out of NYC. old-time farming and crafts are very kid-friendly, you could stay for hours, but it's pricey. Worcester science center 2.5 hrs. from NYC, 15 min. off I-90 is a great, smallish, inexpensive science museum (polar bears swimming in outdoor tanks, walk along path in treetop canopy, ages 3 - 120 can enjoy. How far down east are you heading?

    1. Bridgeport has a kosher place in the JCC, New Haven has something, then Boston, not aware of anything else, other than kosher B & B in Rhode Island near the Touro synagogue in Newport

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        EVAN.........The Bridgeport JCC was demolished last month. It's a hole in the ground where they will build the new Jewish Home for the aged. NO FOOD.
        New Haven has Claires and Edge of the Woods, both Dairy and have vegetarian options. Small dining area at Westville Kosher Butcher (exit 59 off Ct RT 15..which joins RT 91 in Meriden).

        The secret eating solution on the NY Boston trek is actually "NOSH" the kosher dining section at the UCONN dining facility. Depends on university schedule, it serves fresh cooked meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner at reasonable prices. It is a 15 minute detour off I-84, about 20 miles east of Hartford. (Disclosure: Mr and Mrs B were founding benefactors of this facility and like to see it serve the greater Jewish community, not just students and faculty).

        Boston and Newport are nowhere near the OP's route.

        The only option north of Boston is Larry Levine's Kosher Deli and Sandwich in Peabody, MA, a very short ride from exit 46 on I-95 north of Boston. Not great, but if you don't want to eat prepared food from your cooler it's a choice.

        Word of advice: NEVER plan/depend on eating kosher food at any of the JCCs in CT. The operators fold regularly. The food is iffy and expensive. Information is always out of date. There isn't a six month period where we don't read news of a new operator opening in one of the JCCs.......they can't survive, the JCC clientele in CT is heavily non-observant and/or non-Jewish and all CT JCCs are open Saturdays.

        Last hint for New Haven, breakfast and lunch only. Tower One, a senior housing facility on Church St South near the intersections of I-95 and I-91 has a cafe serving a limited dairy menu at very reasonable prices. They will be out of many items on the menu. You will be surrounded by 80 and 90 year olds with walkers, your little kids will get constant attention by alte bubbes. Food is very ordinary, institutional run by Sodexo, a division of Marriott. But it exists, and you don't have to deal with trying to park near Claire's. Mr. B's mother lived in an assisted living apartment in Tower One from 2010-2013 so the B family had the occasion to lunch there at least twice per week for 3 years>Tuna melts, Bagels and lox platters, pancakes, baked pasta, avoid the vile blintzes and potato pancakes.

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          There are now 3 kosher establishments in Providence. A vege Asian, a bakery, and a vege restaurant, all excellent.

        2. If you want to stop for Lunch, Clare's Cornucopia is just off the I-95 exit ramp in New Haven, right where you turn North on I-91.

          Usual routes skirt Boston on one of the two circumferentials. Wise, but if you want to head right downtown on I-90 you can get off at the Brookline exit and have lunch.

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            New Haven is a detour off the usual route, and Boston isn't on the way, either. Honestly, depending on where you're going in Maine, it isn't that long a trip. (It's four hours from my NYC apartment to the Maine state line, without traffic or stops.) I believe there's bad kosher pizza in Waterbury, which is on the way, but you're best off just packing lunch yourself.

            1. re: GilaB

              whose usual route?
              BQE to Whitestone to Hutch to 95 Lunch in New Haven up 91 to 84 east to the Mass Pike then I 495 to 95 north to Maine
              BQE to Whitestone to Hutch becomes RT 15 at Greenwich, then 50 minutes to exit 59 (Westville Kosher Meat meal) continue to Meriden and it merges into 91 N (fastest route and least traffic).

              Avoid 684 to Brewster and 84 East thru Danbury and Waterbury. Culinary wasteland, much construction, always a terribe delay getting thru Waterbury (and the pizza is vile and the neighborhood worse) and it takes 1/2 hour longer than routing thru New Haven.

              On 495 to 95 North thru Mass, get off exit 46 for lunch at Larry Levine in Peabody on Lowell St.

          2. Based on the responses, I think you might be better off with a picnic or BBQ lunch. You can make it feel more eventful and break up the trip a little by finding a great scenic spot, a park, or another great place to stop and stretch your legs. Maybe a farmstand in CT or MA for some fresh corn or berries? I highly recommend the site/app Roadtrippers ( for finding sights and things to do along your route.

            1. Highly recommend Claire's in New Haven
              Good selection of good food at good value, pleasant atmosphere, generally kid-friendly (with exception of bathroom, which is very small)
              Claire's kosher certification info is here: