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Jul 15, 2014 04:42 PM

Valetta, Malta

Please recommend your favorite restaurants and hotels for a trip in September. Thanks.

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  1. Leglegin (+356-2122-1699 ph) is the best in Valetta IMO and has been for many years. Usually there is no menu, just what the chef is making that day and you don't really get to choose... he just starts bringing small plates. That said, I still consider it one of my favourite dinning experiences, mostly due to the quality of food, generous nature of the chef/owner and the very intimate ambiance of the restaurant.

    Never before have I enjoyed a beet, or a dish made with beets until I was served Leglegin's baked beets, with Gorgonzola, balsamic and sesame seeds... it was revelatory.

    There are a few good Italian places in town as well, but they have never stood out, for me, the same as Leglegin has.

    Make a reservation, the place is tiny and fills fast. If you plan to go to Gozo let me know, I visit every couple of years and you won't find much info about the island here.