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Jul 15, 2014 04:24 PM

One dinner, post Yankee game, (so no fancy duds), subway accessible....

Husband and adult son doing one of their crazy 6 baseball games in six cities in seven days trips in two weeks. Yankee game on a Thursday (day game). They are looking for a good dinner where they can go post game as this will be their only NY meal. The location is wide open as they will be staying near LaGuardia that night so can take subway or other public transportation to wherever a good dinner may be. Husband is a foodie, son not as much but enjoys good food. No dietary restrictions nor predilection to any particular type of cuisine. Obviously all the usual fine dining spots are out due to their informal attire. They have visited NY many times in the past so do not necessarily need a quintessential NY experience for their one NY meal this trip. Price not an issue. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. where are they visiting from? first thought, assuming they're taking the train, is Szechuan Gourmet on 56th & Broadway. It's very close to Columbus Circle, a stop along the express train back to Manhattan.

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        definitely Szechuan Gourmet. i lived in South Florida for a time i'd like to forget. Chinese is almost all Beef with Broccoli.

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            Make sure they stay away from the American-Chinese dishes. My favorites include dan dan noodles, szechuan pork dumplings with roasted chili soy (only a little spicy), crispy lamb filets with cumin (very cumin-y), tea smoked duck (not spicy), the ma paul tofu (spicy). Avoid the wontons.

    1. I'd send them for a one-of-a-kind experience at Kabab Cafe, a shoebox-sized Egyptian restaurant featuring the cooking of Ali Al-Sayed, who is as great a raconteur as he is a chef. And he loves kids, and it's fairly close to LGA. A search on the Outer Boroughs board will give you lots of info about it. 2512 Steinway St. Closed Mondays.

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        Thanks! I follow your recs on the Vegas board, so have a pretty good sense of what they might expect.

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          I haven't lived in NY in decades so I won't suggest anything specific, but my suggestion would be to search for lists of ethnic restaurants and pick a cuisine unavailable to them at home, then ask for recommendations for restaurants.

          Egyptian cuisine most likely qualifies under these parameters.

        2. Since they're staying near LaGuardia, I would suggest for them to eat in Flushing or another place in Queens near the 7 train, and I would suggest you post to the Outer Boroughs board for recommendations. One key point would be which neighborhood they're staying in. They may actually be staying in Flushing, but really, any part of Queens on the 7 line is pretty close to LaGuardia, so for all we can tell, they could be staying in Jackson Heights, Woodside, or even Astoria.

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            Thank you for the suggestion. You raise a valid point. They haven't booked their hotel yet but as soon as they do, we'll follow up.

          2. Head north on the 4 train and scour the region. Holds some great places. Or head east to Southern Blvd.

            1. The original comment has been removed