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Jul 15, 2014 03:46 PM

Saskatoon berries in Vancouver?

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a Vancouver source for saskatoon berries (or a saskatoon berry pie). Does anyone have any idea where I might find frozen/preserved/fresh any sort of saskatoon berries in Vancouver?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Willow View Farms in Abbotsford ( it isn't too far to go and they have great fruit).

    1. Sorry to hijack your thread. I'm looking for Saskatoon berry jam and haven't found any (but not that I've looked for it that hard). Years ago a friend (from Saskatoon) whom I worked with brought back a couple of jars and they were the best jams I've ever had.

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        I have seen jam at Costco and my Saskatchewan born partner thought it was pretty good when he tried it some years ago.

        1. re: ClaireLS

          Thanks, maybe I'll go scope out this week. Hopefully it comes in a 2L jar ;-)

          1. re: LotusRapper

            hi LR - see your cherry pie thread for my suggestion for a jam I think you might like.

            also - if you are going to Okanagan - Saskatoon preserves are common at the gift shops and farmer markets - I know of one couple who come to Penticton Farmer Market (Sat mornings, north end of Main St near the big hotel) - I think they are from the Oliver Mt Baldy area.

            1. re: Georgia Strait

              Hey GS - are you in Penticton proper ? My FIL is in Summerland, and my wife's other relatives in Lake Country/Vernon. Maybe next time we go up on a weekend I'll hit the FM to get the preserves :-)

              1. re: LotusRapper

                we are out in Nara (across from SLand)

                however - I looked at the Penticton Farmer Market website and can't find the older couple on the list (there is no list - gee, you'd think there'd be some info - maybe that market is on social mediae (spell?!))

                I know that this older couple who were at the mkt lived up on the Mt Baldy road east of Oliver - ideal elevation for wild Sask berries -
                we don't usually buy preserves so I didn't pay much attn. - however - does Summerland Sweets have a Sask berry preserve? fun to walk out to the trestle from the shop (NOT during steam train time obviously - which is a great trip but not enuf time to visit Summerland Sweets - have to go later in the day)


                the other place to call ahead to about Sask berry preserves is Tickleberries - down in OK Falls - they have all that stuff in their little gift shop - even us locals have to stop there - a nice break on a warm day - careful if you're pulling in/out ACROSS the traffic on Hwy 97 -

                EDIT to add - I wonder - the OP cites the flavor of Prairie Sask berries - I have never tasted those. I know only what our local First Nations friends tell us are Saskatoons, and a vanishing species in the Cdn Okanagan Valley (due to land use I think) etc - and I wonder if they taste similar to the Prairie version - I don't know personally never having picked any on the other side of the Rockies. I know that the birds love and make loud arguments with each other about the ones we have on our place (most naturescape homes have Sasks up here as they are drought and cold freeze and heat tolerant and have a pretty spring flower after a long winter) - and some of our Interior Salish friends have picked and enjoyed and told us about going out with grandparents in 1960s (pre-development OK Valley) to pick up the hills around here.

                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  Weird how Summerland Sweets makes Saskatoon syrup but not jam !

                  You live on the Nara benches ..... lovely ! We stayed at The Centre once in the '90s, renewing and rejuvenating.

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    I know that black currants aren't Saskatoon berries - however - if you have a taste for the more tart berries - try the cassis at Elephant Island over in Naramata
                    it's a lovely venue - young people have their own table (as in under age) - and a shaded patio - no pretense - old Okanagan style - family orchard (where they kept the trees - a big deal up here in rip-it-out lifestyle vineyard country ; ) ... see globe & mail article a couple of years back)


                    well, I hope the OP doesn't mind us diverting over in to this realm ;
                    )it's fun to talk about local seasonal - and such a short hot season it is. Smokey too. I hope everyone's pets, crops, and livestock are safe - not to mention the forest flora and fauna.

                  2. re: Georgia Strait

                    I am also on the lookout for local Saskatoon berry pie. I used to eat it often back in the 70's when I lived in southern Alberta. The local restaurant would buy their Saskatoons from a Hutterite colony near Cardston AB. Not sure if the berries were cultivated or picked wild, but they tasted fantastic. The only thing I have tried out here is the Saskatoon berry jam (President's Choice used to offer it but it's no longer available). The flavour of the jam was similar, but, due to the processing, nowhere near as flavourful as the fresh product.

        2. for those with fond memories of prairie-grown Saskatoon berries, have you seen this episode of Chef Lynn Crawford's show -

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            IMHO one of the funniest episodes of Pitchin' In is the one she went to work on a rice farm in Missouri .....


          2. Whole Foods on Cambie has frozen and jam and at times fresh!