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Jul 15, 2014 01:58 PM

Society Hill Society

Finally got around to checking out Society Hill Society on Headhouse Square - had a really nice meal. Originally I was a little skeptical (could the name be more lame?) but our two cocktails were interesting and perfectly balanced, the complementary pretzel bread was delicious, and the meal satisfying. Nice to have a place like this so close, they seem to be doing really well.

We had:

jin jawn - gin, tincture of herbs (tarragon, chive, and maybe parsley?), lemon, cane sugar. this drink was sweet with a touch of savory from the herbs, nothing too overpowering, really refreshing

Mind killer - gin, lemon, amaro abano, spiced wine syrup, olive oil, egg white. This was cool - the egg white was whipped and was a foam topper to the drink rather than mixed in like a flip. It was also lightly blow torched and had a meringue/smore quality to it. I was worried the drink would taste too much like spiced wine, but it was far more nuanced

pierogies - truffle, onion jam, creme fraiche - tasty small appetizer of 4 tiny dumplings. Good but kind of pricey at $9.

boneless pork rib sandwich - saurkraut, pickle, mustard - this was a very mustard heavy which kind of turned me off. It was fine, but nothing special.

diver scallops with corn cakes - with fresh peas and baby carrots. This was a great seasonal dish, tasted great and was simple but not boring.

For 2 people the 2 bar dishes and one main was the right amount of food - definitely interested in going back.

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  1. How was your service? We went for brunch a few months ago and despite getting seated immediately, we sat for a long time without a server, despite being within view of the other server and the bartender. Overall, while the food was good, we found the service just couldn't get it together.

    Also, I really just want that place to have a great craft beer selection on tap and I think they have one tap of Carlsberg or something.

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      hmm... the restaurant was definitely full (saturday night) but i don't remember much about the service timing so i'd think it was pretty standard/nothing noteworthy

      1. re: urbanfabric

        It only opened about three months ago, so if you went "a few" months ago, you must have gone right when they opened. Perhaps they had just opened and hadn't gotten together their service yet. I haven't been, but have heard good things from several friends who live nearby.

        1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

          I stopped in here a week or two ago, had a very nice cocktail and some passable bar snacks. I don't know if I'd go back for the food, but the cocktail was excellent.

          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

            Perhaps more recently, since it was a morning we hit the Headhouse Market. I know someone who was involved with the development, so I remember wanting to try it after hearing it had opened, but know it definitely wasn't on or near the first weekend. I had similar reports from that person, which is why I asked about others experiences. I'm glad to hear that things have improved.

            Edited to add that I went back to look and it was June 3rd. I guess June felt like 2 months to me.

        2. According to the Inquirer's Food Section this morning, this establishment has now closed. And none of the involved parties is talking.