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Lotus of Siam: What else to add to our order?

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Will be having a celebration dinner with 12 adults and 4 children, and am wondering if anyone has any other ideas on what to add to our order.

Since there are 12 adults, should we double up on some of the items, or is it better to get a wider variety of dishes? Anything else that we must try? What other non-spicy dishes (noodles/rice/etc.) would you recommend for children?


Here's our planned order so far:

Nam Kao Tod (crispy rice with pork sausage)
Tom Kha Kai Bangkok Style (hot pot)
Yum Nuah (beef salad)
Larb Moo (Issan)
Pla Dook Yang (charcoal-grilled whole catfish served with tangy/spicy and tamarind sauces)
Nua Sao Renu (charbroiled beef w/tamarind sauce)
Crispy Skin Duck with Panang (red curry sauce with Cognac)
Sea Bass on Drunken Noodles
Garlic Prawn
Khao Soi (beef)
Northern Larb (pork)
Kang Hung Lay (pork stew northern curry)
Thum Ka Noon [Pounded & Shredded Young Jack Fruit, pork]
Nam Prik Noom (green chili dip with vegetables, pork rinds)
Pad Thai
Chicken Satay

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  1. How about:

    Kana Moo Krab - Saipin was doing great things with pork belly many years before it became the rage (in particular, that is a good dish for the children)

    Sea Bass Som Thum - A fantastic way of bringing out the sweetness of the fish through both hot and sweet spicing.

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      Speaking of pork belly, I'd like to know if they make a dish called Cha Po. It's deep fried pork belly, BBQ pork and roast duck served over rice.

    2. The braised short rib in Panang cream curry sauce was excellent

      1. With that many people you may need to triple order some things so everyone can have some .

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          I think you've already got a solid variety and should double up on a few dishes so people have an opportunity to try. You should definitely at the minimum double up on the Nam Kao Tod. I recently went as a party of 5 male 20-somethings and we easily polished off two orders.

          Other dishes I'd consider doubling based on sizing from when I tried them: drunken noodles, garlic prawns, Khao Soi and the Nam Prik Noom.

        2. double the nam kao tod -- everyone will want a taste of the first dish, and even though this is a touch sour the crispy rice will attract even the kids.

          add a double order of mer krob -- crispy rice noodles in a slightly sweet sauce -- who wouldn't want this?

          1. My strategy for dinners of that size is to figure one order will serve six people for tastes. So I'd double everything, even to the point of cutting out dishes. It's too frustrating for everyone to get one spoonful of a dish.

            1. Fwiw, I recently had a group (19) dinner at LoS and we ordered two (a couple dishes we ordered three) of each. As Dave Feldman suggested it makes it easier for each person to have a large taste as opposed to a tiny morsel.

              As for what to order, you have many great suggestions already. I have so many favorites but I would have to say the Drunken Noodle Sea Bass is always extraordinary (with the sea bass it is fairly pricey but IMO the bass marries itself perfectly with this dish, more so than any other ingredient) and as another poster added, the Garlic Prawn. I would almost order this dish for the shells themselves!

              Lastly, I was so impressed how they were able to handle a group of our size as efficiently and professionally as they did. It was as if they knew what we were going to order because the food was hitting the table almost before they removed menus.

              1. Just want to say a huge "thank you!" to everyone for their advice. The dinner last night was exceptional - food, service, etc. was just perfect!

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                  Glad it all worked out. Did you have favorite dishes?

                2. Drunken noodles with some fish, preferably the sea bass.