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Jul 15, 2014 07:49 AM

Restaurant week dispute

My significant other is always gung-ho about getting "good deals" at good restaurants and is a big fan of both coupons and restaurant discounts. Me? Not a fan at all. I find that a restaurant week menu just means smaller portions, limited menu choices and, by the time you add tax and tip, you could have had a nice meal at a restaurant that you REALLY enjoy.

So, she made reservations for 4 for dinner at the Monkey Bar, an upscale restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Two friends, also fans of restaurant week will be joining us. There are only 3 entree choices on the special menu - skirt steak, pan-roasted striped bass and fava bean agnolotti. I am not a big fan of any of them. I cannot indulge in the included dessert either because I am diabetic.

On the regular dinner menu however, there are far more choices for me at of course their standard prices. I would rather order off the regular menu and ENJOY what I am eating. My SO says that this is NOT the purpose of dining there; the purpose is to partake of restaurant week and their discounted price menu. I disagree - the purpose is for ME TO ENJOY my meal! I know that if the three others order off the restaurant week dinner menu, we cannot fairly just split the bill as we usually do. I would be very happy to pay the other couple the differential of my additional costs of ordering off the higher priced menu.

The response from my SO is that I am being unreasonable and perhaps "ruining" the restaurant week experience for the others. I feel that I should be entitled to order what I want. It should be noted that I have a really healthy appetite and small portions do nothing to satisfy me.

Any opinions? Am I being unreasonable and/or stubborn? Thanks!

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  1. No! My DH would be right with you and, if I wanted him to enjoy himself (or even go) I'd let him have his way.

    1. I reading correctly?... your SO would rather have you eat something that is not appealing to you in terms of content, portion size, and carb count in order to save a buck?

      I would suggest that you let her take a friend to Restaurant who would share her fervor for discounted dining. Find someone less self-centered on that night, and go out and have a nice, satisfying, healthy meal.

      I hate it when people label anyone who disagrees with them as "unreasonable".

      1. Your SO sounds just a tad controlling, sorry to say.
        You are, I presume, a grown adult, who knows what he(?) wants and is willing to pay for it.
        How this flummoxes anyone else is perplexing.

        This isn't rocket science, and what anyone should want for their SO is happiness.

        You are not being selfish, btw.

        1. He sounds like a real catch.

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          1. re: beevod

            That would be "she"; and she IS a wonderful gal - her food values are just diametrically opposed to mine!

          2. You're right - your SO is wrong. Tell the server up front that you want a separate check. Problem solved.

            BTW, you're also right about the issues with restaurant week menus. Small portions, limited choices. There are some restaurants who manage to overcome these issues. The Danny Meyer places are some of the pleasant exceptions.