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Jul 15, 2014 06:57 AM

Provence, Vaucluse

This part of Provence is not well discussed on Chowhound, so I thought I would post a note about three restaurants that we ate in during our week living in a villa in Grillon with 17 of our nearest and dearest family and friends plus our two grandchildren, aged 2 and 1/2. That number of people plus the children meant much arranging before hand and it certainly paid off. Plus, one of our party is a wine importer, and he used his connections in Chauteuneuf du Pape and Gigondas to help us find great food and wine.

La Poeme in Grignan. We essentially had the entire restaurant. Lovely dinning room in small delightful village near where we were staying. Three course menu with wine and two amuse bouche, plus pasta for the children. Delicious food, extremely well prepared and served with charm and courtesy by the single waitress (who might have been the wife of the chef?). Delightful way to start our week in Haute Provence.

Second meal was a lunch at Coteaux et Forchettes in Cairanne. This might have been our favorite meal in all of France (including a subsequent two weeks in Paris). Absolutely amazing food, fabulous wine, and gorgeous looking restaurant. We ate at two long tables in the beautiful garden. The vinter who recommended Coteaux told us that this restaurant could have a Michelin star, and that was not an understatement. A spectacular meal!

Similarly, on the recommendation of the winemakers, we ate at L'Oustalet in Gigondas and also had a great lunch. Of course the wine was fabulous as was the food and service.

The staff at these three restaurants were universally kind and generous to the small children in our group. We felt very well cared for and had memorable food.

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  1. Thanks for your report as I plan to return to Provence next spring and need more suggestions. Good ideas for the next visit!

    1. Thank you for reporting back, especially on that part of Provence and southern Dromes. I love Grignan, and it's good to know a good eatery there.

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        This part of Provence is less well known so it was much more challenging to find places to eat (much less places that would accommodate our large crowd. We were very lucky in the great advice we had from our French contacts. Cotteaux et Forchette in Cairanne was one of our favorite meals in the entire three weeks (including Paris). And La Poem was just charming (and delicious).

      2. So happy to see more great reviews of places near my home in Vaison. Coteaux et Fourchettes is my favorite, with great prices, and I also really enjoy L'Oustalet. Here are a few others you should try.

        Bistrot du'O
        Rue du Chateau Haute Ville, 84110 Vaison
        +33 (0)4 90 41 72 90
        Closed all day Wed and Sunday

        There are new owners as of June 2013— Getting excellent reviews. Even a local chef told me I should go here. Excellent young chef—a must!

        Located on the Rue du Chateau in the Medieval Village, the Bistrot du'O is a trendy, modern bistro, in an ancient building with stone walls and vaulted ceilings which create a classy, yet comfortable ambiance. Nice wine list with some great choices from the region.

        I had an excellent lunch with a local winemaker in June, 2014. The cuisine is delicious and carefully prepared. Can’t wait to go back. In fact many tourists who go once hurry back for a second meal !

        La Fleur Bleue
        Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.
        Lunch and dinner:
        Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch.
        Popular with locals, so remember to reserve. The Dutch owners speak excellent English.12-15 euros
        Lunch : 12-15 euros including a glass of wine
        Evening has three menus available—23, 30 and 37.5 euros.

        Located on the road to Malaucene, just past Crestet. Dutch owners who speak English (of course. Love those Dutch). Charming country place (great fireplace in winter) well liked by locals. Quality of food is very good, and it is usually fresh, well-prepared and often creative; portions used to be small but seem to be getting bigger. Menu includes starter, main and dessert and if you have all three you should have enough. Usually only one menu at lunch, for 12-15 euros though it you don’t like something on the menu you can ask for something different. Dinner has a choice pf three menus.

        Very pleasant country place with seating outside under the trellis in nice weather. They will provide a hat for you if the sun is too strong. In the winter the inside is cozy and if you are lucky, you will sit in front of the fireplace.