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Jul 15, 2014 06:04 AM

Sunday Lunchtime Steak?

For our 10 yr. anniversary, my wife and I would like to take our 6 and 8 yo boys out for a fancy meal. The problem is that the only time we have free this weekend is Sunday lunch. The only nicer menu meal they will eat reliably is steak. Our perfect spot would be Grill 23 since they have fish and veggie options as well as great steak, but they are only open for dinner.

Suggestions in the Boston / Cambridge area? Bonus points for waterfront, but not required. We're comfortable with steakhouse prices and the kids have done well at fancy restaurants in the past (Abe & Louies was our last big meal out with them).

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  1. Smith and Wollensky Atlantic Wharf and dine al fresco.

      1. Bistro du Midi would be nice. It has a great view of the public garden instead of the water though. Their extensive brunch menu includes steak and eggs.
        Sam's is my favorite restaurant with a view although their brunch menu is much smaller.

        1. No real views to speak of, but would the Kenmore or South End Petit Robert work? They offer steak frites on the Sunday menu, white table clothes and a little attitude.
          And are open at 11:00. The menus do vary a little.

          1. Boston Chops doesn't have much in the way of views, but the food is delicious. They offer Sunday brunch but have a few different steaks on the menu. The food and service have been top notch when we've been.