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Jul 15, 2014 05:37 AM

Rehearsal dinner 7/2015, open to all ideas, but moderate pls!

Need a site for my son's rehearsal dinner in July of 2015 in New Orleans. Would like it to be buffet with tables and chairs to sit down at once people go through the buffet, nice environment, unique and eclectic or classy are ok, and need it as cheaply as possible. Want some Cajun/seafood choices and some non-seafood/Southern choices for those with allergies. Probably around 7:30 PM -ish for a couple of hours at most. Not familiar with the area, so we need suggestions and ideas. Possible menu: seafood gumbo, salad, blackened catfish, wild rice, bread, coffee, tea, bread pudding with rum sauce. Thanks!!

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  1. I tried a post on the other one but it vanished.

    My first thought was the Audubon Tea Room which can handle 60 with ease and has room for a band that will not blow your ears off. They do steam table stuff all the time. And one advantage is parking: that will be more of a problem downtown.

    I suppose I should ask where the wedding is to be held..that might have an effect on how far one wants to go.

    A popular favorite to bash around here is Court of the Two Sisters but, because of that, it might be reasonably priced. I have been to wedding receptions there that were perfectly fine (not lately,though; everyone's married).

    I was wondering about the place going in where Brennan's used to be..I think that it is due to open soon and you might get a deal from it as a start up joint. Worth looking into. Maybe someone on here knows contact info.

    I briefly thought Board of Trade but as I recall the rent for that space is pretty high. And lots of the French Quarter standards have private rooms and can accommodate banquet style although I must say I've never seen a steam table at, say, Antoine's.

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