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Jul 14, 2014 09:13 PM

Help, please. Rehearsal Dinner for July 2015.

Need a site for my son's rehearsal dinner in July of 2015 in New Orleans. Would like it to be buffet with tables and chairs to sit down at once people go through the buffet, nice environment, unique and eclectic or classy are ok, and need it as cheaply as possible. Want some Cajun/seafood choices and some non-seafood/Southern choices for those with allergies. Probably around 7:30 PM -ish for a couple of hours at most. Not familiar with the area, so we need suggestions and ideas, Please!! Thanks!!

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  1. By the way, my husband used to live in the NOLA area decades ago, so he came up with a tentative menu of sorts: choice of seafood gumbo or green salad/cole slaw, blackened catfish with wild rice, green beans almondine, bread pudding with rum sauce, tea, french bread, and coffee.....alcohol purchased by patrons, not open bar. Is there a nice place that could do this reasonably for about 60 people?

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          If you do a search on rehearsal dinners and weddings you will find quite a few threads over the last few years, including some with cost in mind.

          Your biggest problem might be the large size of the party. That will need a place with special room. There was a thread a few days ago on Napoleon House second floor.

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            I note we are running parallel posts for the time being. I'd tried to put one on here and something snafu'd so I put it on the ther post. Anyway, have a look and see if you agree.

      1. We can be of more assistance if you answer a couple of questions. You state "as cheaply as possible." Money is a realtive thing...what do you mean dollarwise per head?
        Area of the city? Where is the wedding and reception going to be held? In what part of the city are the guests staying?

        1. I think the 2nd floor of Ernst Cafe will suit your needs perfectly.

          1. I could be wrong, but I think in July a lot of places will be happy to have your business. Maybe give Frankie & Johnny's a call to see if they can accommodate you. If you're going to be at least 50 people, you can book Mother's (although pulling up the menu on line, it's not as cheap as I would have expected).

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              fr0m the parallel post they are to be 60 people. I should never have thought of Frankie and Johnnies as a rehearsal dinner venue . For me it falls more into line with the late Acy's Pool Hall as a sometime Bachelor Party place (although Acy's suffered several times from would-be "slummers.")

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                Thanks Y'all, so great to have help of you insiders who are in the know of what is available locally...if you think of any more, feel free to share again! I will be checking out these suggested venues.

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                  Frankie & Johnny's has been cleaned up considerably, and although I still don't necessarily equate it with a rehearsal dinner, I imagine they might be willing to do something relatively inexpensive (yet still tasty) in their back room, particularly in July when places are not as quick to fill up.

                  I'm not a huge fan of Mother's, but it's worth calling them to price out a buffet dinner for 60 in their private space.

                    1. re: Blumie

                      Yeah I know it was cleaned up (I miss the old place) but it juist seemed to me as more of the kind of place where you'd get boiled crawfish or, in July, shrimp or crab. And I'm not sure messing with opening up critters is rehearsal dinnner fare but whatthehell....

                      I suggested Audubon Tea Room on the parallel post. they this stuff all the time and I was at a luncheon there in March or April that was very pleasant.

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                        Gracias, merci! like the note on the seasonal sea food, good to know!