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Jul 14, 2014 07:30 PM

DineLA Meals Reported -- July 2014

Please report and review your July 2014 DineLA experiences here.

I'll start: On a whim (and with a lucky parking space in front) I went to Emporium Thai on Westwood today for the $15 lunch. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. Restaurant was about 70% full when I got there at 1. Ordered the morning glory salad to start. (This is $10.95 on their regular menu, I think, and it appeared to be full-size.) If you like crispy, as I do, this is a great dish. Many clumps of morning glory in a tempura-like batter that shattered apart when forked. Some chopped shrimp, slivered carrot, red onion, and red pepper, in a barely noticeable clear sweetish dressing. Ordered the chicken with chili paste and thai basil. Asked for heat level 7 of 10, server persuaded me to go with 5 -- wish I had stayed with 7. Good standard thai stir fry with white rice. (Normally $9.95 on their lunch menu with a salad.) Was too full for the coconut ice cream. Good solid lunch -- that morning glory salad is a great dish.

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    1. re: TheOffalo

      update on paiche:

      went there for lunch again today.
      ordered the exact same things.

      the appetizer size was HALVED.
      the fish size seemed marginally smaller too.
      my daughter's entree came much later than mine (i was over half way done with mine by the time hers arrived)
      when i wanted a lemon wedge to squeeze over the fish, it took a very long time to find someone who would even look over at our side of the room.

      what a difference a day makes. .. . .

    2. Reserved a table for 2 for lunch at AOC today in the patio. We (2 women), fully intended to go with the Dine LA Menu. Problem is it was just too much food. We ordered from the regular a la carte menu. 1 order of bacon wrapped dates, we each had the amazing turkey foccacia sandwich (which is on the DLA menu). One of us got the fries, the other the salad. That turkey focaccia is fantastic; what a great combination of flavors. We shared the butterscotch dessert (so sad that blood orange season is over, so no Vacherin). All of the above plus one Diet coke and 1 iced tea and the
      check was about $60.00, which is probably what it would likely have totaled if we had gone with the DLA menu. It was obvious that most of the diners were ordering from the DLA menu. Also obvious that most were ordering the Spanish Fried Chicken app and they were very happy. That Spanish Fried chicken app appeared to be a large portion.

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      1. re: maudies5

        I wish that turkey focaccia sandwich was on the lunch menu when I took my MIL there back a few months ago.... I don't recall seeing any sandwiches on the menu actually, now that I think about it... Guess I'll have to go back soon to try it, it sounds wonderful.

        1. re: maudies5

          I was also at AOC today. Had the Spanish fried chicken and the farmer's lunch. Both very nice. That chicken is really terrific.

          1. re: Bob Brooks

            I agree that chicken is great. We often order it along with the bacon wrapped dates as apps when we are a party of 4.
            Two of the great appetizers in town. Tavern now also offers those same two appetizers. That Farmer's Lunch was very appealing, but I just can't resist that turkey foccacia with the avocado, mozzarella and olives. Next time, the Farmer's Lunch.

            1. re: maudies5

              The vintner's lunch is what we had and we thoroughly enjoyed it, along with those bacon wrapped dates, the little gems salad with the cara cara oranges and a fish special that was tasty, but unfortunately, overcooked. But it was a nice lunch overall. But I still want to try that sandwich, I will have to make a special trip, it looks like.

              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                That sandwich is even on the brunch menu. Glad you enjoyed your lunch. Get it with the fries, instead of the salad. Fries are great!!

                1. re: maudies5

                  Yea, I'm not sure how we missed it when we went, but I will definitely try to get back over there soon and try it.

        2. Settebello for dinner--$25 for an appetizer (good meatballs with a tangy tomato sauce and plenty of melted cheese), salad (arugala, marinated artichokes, pine nuts, goat cheese, shaved parmesan, speck, lemon vin. and balsamic), and a pizza (the Diavola in my case). You could add a bombolini for dessert for $4 more. Really enjoyable and a nice price.

          1. went to gyu-kayu and had a fantastic lunch.service couldnt have been better3 choices of protein-salad-soup
            what a deal

            1. Went to Scarpetta. Originally, they were on the roster for DineLA, but had to take their name off the roster b/c of a private event booking during the 2nd week of DineLA from 7/21. Since they anticipated folks like me with rezzies this week expecting their DineLA menu, Scarpetta decided to offer a $45 3-course Tasting Menu, with a $12 spaghetti additional course option from Mon 7/14 thru Sun 7/20.

              I just went tonite for a solo seat at the chef's counter like in Jan '14 and loved it!

              Items ordered:

              Complimentary bread basket with an assortment of breads including the meat and cheese filled Stromboli, accompanied by marscapone butter, eggplant caponata and citrus olive oil. A mini meal in itself.

              Appetizer course
              *Seared Scallops, morel mushrooms and stinging nettle spaetzle ($7 supplement charge)

              1/2 portion of Spaghetti as Additional course for $12

              Main course
              *Grilled Striped Sea Bass, summer vegetable fricassee, rock shrimp & guazzetto

              Dessert was Bomboloni with plum-berry marmalatta and lemon-sage anglaise. The Italian donuts were hot and fluffy right out of the fryer and dusted with vanilla sugar.

              Personally, I wouldn't change the salt levels, but for those extremely sensitive to sodium, the kitchen can accommodate. Gluten free pasta also available upon request.


              Scarpetta Los Angeles (in The Montage hotel)
              )225 N Canon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90210
              (310) 860-7970

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              1. re: FoodShutterbug

                PS: $5 flat rate self park after 6p in the Beverly Canon Gardens public parking garage underneath Bouchon (enter on Beverly or Canon Drs.). If you're a baller, with cash to spare, go for the Montage hotel valet on Canon, $8 after Scarpetta validation.

                1. re: FoodShutterbug

                  i don't think the spaghetti is a half portion for the tasting. i think that's the actual size at $24 too.

                  i could be wrong but i remember trying it a la carte and then as an addition and the portions being about the same. just half the cost during dine la.

                  1. re: cdub

                    I can't believe that portion could cost $24 O_O

                    1. re: ns1

                      it's a good dish though i think the tonnerelli (sp?) at gusto is better. had them 2 days apart. my dining companions agreed.

                2. re: FoodShutterbug

                  Nice job. This spot takes a lot of shit from the hounds but i have had nothing but good meals and service.

                  1. re: jessejames

                    Same here. I don't hear much about it on CH, but have always been more than pleased with their service and food. Never had a bad experience.