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Jul 14, 2014 07:20 PM

Birthday Dinner for 8 people in Honolulu/Waikiki

Hi All,

I'm looking for dinner recommendations in Waikiki/Honolulu for my Wifes birthday. There wont be any kids and in total it will be around 8 people. I'd like something on the nicer side of casual, somewhere with great cocktails/decent wine and preferably locally sourced food. A hotel restaurant would be fine as well. Unfortunately I've not been back to Honolulu in quite some time so I've no idea whats good and whats not. As for price, not too sure, maybe 100 per person max? What would be kinda cool is a private-ish space/room.Thanks so much in advance!!!


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  1. BLT Steak in the Trump Hotel has a private dining room. It's a little bigger than what you're looking for but the food, wine, and cocktails never disappoint. The executive chef always tries to use locally sourced ingredients in his dishes as well! Even if you don't use the private dining room, there is outdoor seating which could be used to accommodate your party in a relatively separated location.

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      Have you tried Nanzan girogiro? It popped up while searching as another place for potential group dining.

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        Yes. They serve a Japanese kaiseki dinner, so everything is prixe fixe with the menu changing monthly. The restaurant itself is great, but I don't know if would be ideal for a large group. Most of the seating is counter-seating that surrounds the chefs carefully preparing your beautiful meal in the middle. I find it entertaining and favorable to the experience. However, there are tables for larger groups off to the side. Even if you don't dine there for your party, I would recommend it for a fun dinner for yourself and your wife to enjoy!

    2. Assume you are familiar with the usual suspects, Roy's, Alan Wongs, Mavro, Azure. Aloha attire would be fine at any of them. Also worth considering are Michele's, Hau Tree Lanai, the Bistto, 12th Avenue Grill, Duc's Bistro, Hoku's,

      $100pp might be pushing it in the first group, quite doable in the second.

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        I am not so sure you could do the !00/pp at Michel's or Hoku's. Remember too Hoku's you have to wear long pants which might not be an issue. I would agree with you on 12th Ave. or even Tiki's.

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          Good points, and part of the answer lies in what, if any adult beverages are included in the price. I know if it was you, mr manomin, and me we could have problems at $100/pp at Big City Diner some nights. LOL

          1. re: KaimukiMan

            Nice to see you posting, haven't heard from you recently.

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              Well that would be true! Since I don't like their food I'd have to have a liquid dinner! BTW, the Boston's in Kaneohe has a new owns and not part of the original group. Fabulous pizzas and some specialty pies as well we had a beautiful one last night!

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                It's nice to know we don't have to agree on everything. LOL

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                Thanks for all the replies everyone, I actually decided on girogiro. Hopefully all will go well.

                1. re: kriot

                  So a table off to the side?

                  Have a great meal!