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Noise level at the Ordinary

I'll be in Charleston in a few weeks w the 'rents and I'm dying to go to the Ordinary. But my Mom is very sensitive to loud noise and my Dad has a hearing aid, so lots of background clatter disturbs him as well. Is there any way we could enjoy the Ordinary? Thanks.

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  1. Danna, according to my unscientific survey, The Ordinary is the loudest restaurant in Charleston: http://www.postandcourier.com/article... But I dine there often, and have never once been bothered by the noise. (Granted, I'm neither especially sensitive nor in need of a hearing aid.) I'd suggest going at 5 p.m. on a weekday, and sitting in a bar booth on the first floor. Enjoy!

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      What a great article!! Very impressive, thanks for the link.

      How interesting that the spot that's making me die of foodie shame for not having enjoyed yet is Charleston's loudest. Also interesting is the information about Coda del Pesce and their sound deadening tiles. One of the best restaurant experiences I've had w/ my parents in years was there last summer. The food was very good, but I wonder if the the quiet (that I didn't even notice) played a large part in everybody being happier?

    2. A friend of my and I sat upstairs and it wasn't very loud. He also wears a hearing aid, albeit a very high tech one. Best thing to do is to call the restaurant and see if they can seat you in a quiet spot.

      1. I think they're on Open Table. Reserve a table upstairs, and it shouldn't be too bad. (We sat at the raw bar in the back. It was loud but not so much that we couldn't carry on a normal conversation.)

        1. Do exactly as Hanna advises, but upstairs does seem a little quieter.

          1. Agree with the idea that you should get as early a reservation as possible. When I went a few months back, the noise level didn't really seem to creep up until sometime between six and seven.

            1. Depends on what time and which day of the week?
              I had two excellent dinners at Coda Del Pesce this month. CDP is my new favorite spot in Charleston. The sound level is fairly low. Enjoy!

              1. Here I am! Hi everybody.

                danna, I've only been once. It was loud, but it was a crowded Friday night last year. Loved the Capers Blades, but I don't think they're in season now.

                Hope all is well.

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                  Welcome back, Sue! Missed seeing you on this board.

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                    Good to have you back, Sue! Hope all is well.

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                    Thanks for chiming in , Sue!

                    I'm afraid 5 o'clock doesn't really work. You guys think upstairs at 6:30-7 would be a din? I guess I should just be polite and take the parents elsewhere.

                    Which begs the questions...where WOULD be quiet? We'll go to Coda on Wed, need a Thurs night destination. I really like Macintosh, but I seem to remember it's a little boisterous. I may just default to FIG.

                    btw, I paid $25 for a dozen capers blades at FIG in Dec. ouch.

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                      Why don't you call the restaurant? This is something the restaurant would be able to answer and reserve the right table for you.

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                        You will be fine at 6:30 upstairs. You have to go! Glad you are going to Coda. Please report back.

                    2. I've been to The Ordinary twice, once upstairs and once downstairs. I don't like loud restaurants but was not bothered. When upstairs the place was very busy, when downstairs it was on the slower side.