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Jul 14, 2014 06:47 PM

First date - Need a recommendation where to go tommorow

Trying to find a casual yet trendy place to go for a first date tommorow in the city. I'm not from the downtown so I dont really know whats good to go to. Please help!! and fast hahahaha left it till the last min as always

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  1. Coffee and couch always works! hahahahah

    1. Opentable is showing availability for tomorrow at the following restaurants that may work with the limited information you've given (remember that it's also Summerlicious):

      -Ascari Enoteca
      -Barsa Taberna
      -Ciao Wine Bar
      -El Catrin
      -La Bettola Osteria
      -Osteria dei Ganzi
      -Swish by Han

      Lots of other restaurants available but you didn't say where downtown, what kind of food or how much you wanted to spend.

        1. I'm not looking for anything crazy. I like good food so I am willing to pay for it. Some place that isnt loud and crowded. ie community seating.

          Yea I realized its summerlicious, I guess close to the downtown core, or near by. I dont have a specific area

          1. Weezie's at King/Church is a date favourite. Excellent bistro kitchen, intelligent and reasonably-priced wine list, beautiful, dark, candlelit, intimate room. Plus there's the surprise factor since no-one's ever heard of it.

            +1 too on Ascari, above, though it's in the east end which might make it a little annoying to get to. The nice thing about Ascari is that either before or afterwards, you can make a pit stop into Goods and Provisions, what may be the best date-oriented cocktail bar in town.

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              Although I appreciate what others have listed, @biggreenmatt you pretty much nailed what I was looking for. I'm thinking Goods and Provisions. Looks and sounds like my kinda place!

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                Weezie's isn't at Church - maybe Parliament? Quite a hike!

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                  I have to say that Weezie's was one of my least favourite restaurant experiences of 2013. It was hyped so much on CH but I didn't like it at all. Having said that, there was a couple that was their the same night and they seemed to be having a good time on maybe a first date :)

                  1. re: ylsf

                    Agreed it has gone way downhill over the past 5 years.