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Jul 14, 2014 06:24 PM


At least once a week I pick up some bagels at one or two of my favorite bagel bakeries...
It could be lox, pickled salmon, cheese, tomato and garlic cream cheese, bologna, salami, peanut butter or even a scrambled egg with bacon and cheese..
Give me a head up?
(the picture is that of a bagel and a bialy)

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  1. I make bagel chips from bagels in discount rack. Have cheapo home slicer. Make slices a THIN as possible, liberally toss with melted butter and nice olive oil and into oven till brown-ish and crisp. Found a recipe for "everything" bagel topping (sesame & poppy seeds, dried garlic chips, onion powder... will toss that in when I give chips a flip.

    For a more typical application, I like a brief spin in microwave... maybe 10 secs MAX... and VERY liberal amount of cream cheese.

    1. Bacon, egg & cheese; sometimes just plain cream cheese; lastly, just butter.

      Always on a toasted poppy. Always.

      1. The bagel guys always look at me like i'm nuts, but here it goes...
        - schmear of hummus (not as much as you would cream cheese though!)
        - sliced dill pickles
        - thin sliced red onion
        - a few leaves romaine or iceburg
        - spicy mustard on one half
        Best on pumpernickle.

        I have a good friend who always orders onion toasted well, with regular cream cheese, bacon, and peanut butter on the top half.

        Of course thousands of new yorkers love the cream cheese/lox/thin red onion/capers, open face. Sliced tomatoes on the side if you must.

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        1. I make bagel pizzas with them from time to time, Just toast the bagel real well, then add pizza sauce, cheese and other toppings of your choice, and broil it until golden and bubbly.

          For something different, try some Quince paste (sort of tastes like Apple Butter but a bit more complex in flavor, and tart/tangy) and some crumbled blue cheese or gorgonzola, and top with some chives if you got them - all on a toasted bagel of your choice of course.

          Or perhaps whip up a batch of some homemade pimento cheese to spread on the bagels.

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            < make bagel pizzas with them from time to time,>

            Thanks, Atomic. I've still got part of a jar of my last batch of pizza sauce to use. Now I know what's for lunch tomorrow. :-)

            1. re: Atomic76

              Hey Atomic76,

              We made your bagel pizzas today for lunch. They don't suck at all, and thanks for the easy way to use stuff on hand.

              Of course, now I'm out of bagels so must go buy more. *sigh*

            2. I used to order walnut-raisin cream cheese on a cinnamon-raisin bagel, but nowadays, it's more everything bagels toasted at home and topped with whatever. Toppings include deli meat, cheeses, melitzanosalata, tuna or egg salad, etc.
              Pizza bagels can be a nice addition too if you're into gooey cheese things.