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Jul 14, 2014 04:07 PM

Midtown Cocktail Bars

Seeking suggestions for some post Broadway matinee cocktails in the Times Square/Grand Central area.

I like mixed drinks like a mojito, vodka collins, and rum based drinks with real fruit juices not barmix. Read some online reviews on Yelp/Eater and found some possibilities.

Last Saturday, after a Gentlemen's Guide (excellent btw), I popped into the Rum House at the Edison Hotel. Their AC must not have been working because it was HOT in there. I couldn't take it, it was sweltering, so left without getting a drink.

Walking towards Grand Central, I popped into another rec, Lantern's Keep at the Iroquois. Unfortunately, they don't open until 6, and I didn't want to wait around for an hour.

Arrived at Grand Central, and went to the Campbell Apartment. Had a Plantation Punch (pictured), and it was very good. Potently strong and pricy at $19, but it was like getting two drinks in one so I was quite pleased.

The only downside, is they don't offer any free bar nibbles...pretzels, nuts or such. I asked the bartender if they had any bar snacks and he handed me a menu. I really didn't want a charcuterie platter. I was solo, just wanted something to munch with the drink.

So, just wondering, are there any really good cocktail bars in that area that do offer up free bar snacks? Or am I living in the days of yore? Just curious. Thanks.

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  1. Well, a Plantation Punch is a 3.5oz rum drink invented by Don the Beachcomber, so I'm not surprised it's strong.

    If interested in craft cocktails, do get back to Lantern's Keep at some point. And the bar at Lambs Club is usually a good bet.

    No free bar snacks at those, though.

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      Thanks, Kathryn. I'll bring a little pack of cashews to tide me through.

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        Ooh, just read the small plates menu for Lantern's Keep, they offer Chipotle and Rosemary Spiced Nuts, for $4. That works for me!

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          If you go further downtown, Flatiron Lounge still has their complimentary bar mix (of nuts and sticks and things) I believe. Raines Law Room sometimes has popcorn.

      2. If you consider e33rd st midtown Middle Branch opens at 5pm. $12 cocktails and earlier in the evening they often have pretzels or nuts around (no guarantees though).

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          Kathryn and Ttrockwood, thanks for the tips!