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Jul 14, 2014 02:31 PM

The value of this board... PRICELESS

We all know that the internet is a font of information. Unfortunately much of it is wrong or just plain out of date.

Users of this board rely on other users to verify what kosher food, restaurants, bakeries, etc are really out there.

We cannot rely on the typical internet sites.

Today for the 10th time in 2 years I have notified the SHxmxsh site that the Stop and Shop and its kosher bakery on Madison Avenue in Bridgeport, CT closed two years ago. The site admin is a volunteer who hasn't made the change in two years.

I went the rounds with the City of New Haven who has a link to Info New Haven (supported by tax dollars) where one can search restaurants in New Haven by category. If you click kosher, it yields Claire's which is kosher, and has been discussed on this board many times, AND two locations of Woodland Coffee and Tea noting they are a coffeehouse, deli, kosher and vegetarian.

They are happy to serve avocado turkey salad with goat cheese or chicken salad with mozzarella.

So to all of you (and me) who answer queries as to what is actually out there and open I say thank you.

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  1. thanks for trying to right the wrongs and--yes--this is a great board.

    1. agreed - Shamash use to be my got site but now longer - this is the place for websites - there are some interesting iPhone/Android apps but I always double check here -

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      1. re: weinstein5

        Sorry, the only apps I enjoy are served before the main course. This 60 year old doesn't have a smart phone-by choice.

      2. All of Chowhound is wonderful but super-priceless to me is that when I post a question or problem, real genuine live people rescue me almost instantly with an answer.

        1. I also like being in contact with other kosher foodies. I have a number of kosher foodie friends but I've met many kosher-keepers who just depress me with their lack of even a little interest in new things. Then there's the sad quality of most heimishe/specifically kosher brands from outside of Israel.

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          1. re: CloggieGirl

            Trust me, there are plenty of non-kosher people who won't even eat sushi, the food that's available in almost every kosher pizza store.

          2. Agreed bagelman01. I've learned a lot on this website and found the discussions interesting and as Querencia says real people help out. Kol hakavod to all my Chowhound friends!