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Jul 14, 2014 01:02 PM

Kenwood or KitchenAid food processor?

I have been looking for a while to get a food processor and am torn between Kenwood FP929 and KitchenAid 5KFP1325. Both have a 3 litre capacity. The Kenwood has a 1000W motor whereas the KitchenAid has a 300W motor. The KitchenAid seems to have more features (amongst which the thickness adjusting lever when slicing).

When it comes to price the KitchenAid is almost double the rice of the Kenwood.

What are your opinons regarding which one is better?

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  1. I can't speak to the Kenwood but I have a KA with the adjustable slicer. The whole thing is crap & I hate it. Shoulda bought a Cuisinart.

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      Am I looking at the wrong brands? Are Cuisinart food processors held at high regard?

      1. re: iliria

        If you don't mind gettig a new one every couple of years!!!

    2. I have an old Kenwood that I have picked up at a yard sale, it works quite well. As for my Kitchen Aid blender it is failing after a year. You can conclude that I would go with the Kenwood. However many of the KA are assembled and made in America.

      1. At this point in the game, I'd say it's a crap shoot. Just about all of these appliances are now made off-shore (China) and it really just depends on how much supervision the "Brand" has over the manufacturing location. Some companies just outsource and get what they get, while others actually supervise production. Unfortunately, I don't know how one can tell which of these practices is being followed for any given item.

        I will say KA has become natorious for "loaning" their brand name to manufacturers who do not manufacture FOR Kitchen Aid, but brand the products Kitchen Aid.

        1. My objections to the KA have nothing to do with it's longevity. In fact I wish it would die so I could get something different.

          my dislikes as follows:

          It's HUGE. takes up a whole shelf and the whole top rack of the dishwasher

          The bowl design doesn't seem to chop large objects well.

          The adjustable slicer doesn't stay adjusted - it slips.

          It has a whole separate little case with a bunch of little parts you have to use to use the slicer & grater disks.

          I could go on but the real problem is I just bought the damned thing last fall when COSTCO had them on sale and I'm too cheap to ditch it & get one I like.

          1. It seems like each of the two above has its own problems.

            Is there a processor which is best or am I better off going for the Lenwood one which comes with 5 years warranty?