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Jul 14, 2014 12:42 PM

Le Painnamou

Le Painnamou opened today on Bishop near Maisoneuve.Its a korean bakery. I have no idea how authentic it is (the owner and staff are korean) but it tastes pretty good. I dont like sweets very much so I just got a sausage roll(more like a hot dog roll) and some type of bacon bread. The bacon bread was better than the sausage roll and had some sweet cheese inside that balanced with the salty bacon quite well. Both tasted of garlic. I wouldnt say its mind blowing but definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood. Together the pastries came to just under 10 dollars. It is a bit similar to cocobun but with a nice atmosphere and higher quality.

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  1. I reheated some of what I bought and it was actually really good..the bacon bread with cheese tasted different but really good.It wasnt really bacon tho..more like ham...a bit too much garlic but really good... I think my comparison to cocobun was unjustified as this is much bigger and better however I dont recommend the hot dog roll.

    1. I tried a few things with friends today. As you said, similar to Cocobun, but higher quality! The cheese danish, peanuts bun and cream bun were all delicious and better than our favorites at Cocobun/Harmonie. This place could soon become too small for them I think.

      1. I bought 3 items for $13 today : bacon bread with cheese, small hot dog roll, large hot dog roll. I ate the small HD roll; it was tasty, I enjoyed the banana peppers baked into the bread. I will eat the other two items for lunch tomorrow. Definitely a higher quality than Cocobun.

        1. Had a great coffee bun, whatever the name was, for 3$. More of a cafe than a bakery really though. I was expecting more baked goods. I'll be supporting them though.

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            Depends on the time of the day you go I guess. I went on a saturday morning and it definitely looked like a bakery! The baskets were full and there was trays full of buns just out of the oven.

          2. Nice for a quick bite. I like the egg bread. Some of the other stuff like the pizza bread and bread with ham and cheese is not bad but it's oily (which I guess isn't surprising) so not something I would eat or buy repeatedly. I've yet to try their bingsoo shaved ice dessert. Seems intriguing. I haven't tried any of the sweet baked goods but that's only because I don't like sweet stuff much. It's nice to have some variety in the neighborhood.