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Jul 14, 2014 11:20 AM

Looking for good cantonese or dim sum non buffet food.

can anyone suggest some places to try? Havent been to LV in a few years so I don't know what the scene is like these days.

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  1. For upscale I think Blossom is putting out some stellar food, same for Wing Lei. For Dim Sum, KJ at The Rio is about as good as it gets in Vegas.

    1. I recently had dim sum at Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine on Decatur near Tropicana. I was very pleased with the quality of the food and the service. It was on a Sunday at mid day and the large dining room was nearly full with mostly ethnic customers. I was still able to get seated right away. The dim sum dishes are served from traditional rolling carts but the full menu is also available.

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      1. re: Sam D.

        Yup, Chang's is my go-to for dimsum everytime I am in Vegas.

        1. re: snow78

          Went this weekend and aside from the service, which was as lousy as expected, came away very impressed. It might just be the best dim sum in town - and at the very least a STRONG contender to KJ at The Rio.

          1. re: uhockey

            Love the location too. As it is away from major traffic areas and easy to get to from LV strip.

            1. re: snow78

              Same could be said of KJ. Really though, I found Chang's on the par with spots up in Richmond BC and Toronto. Obviously having not been to Mainland China, Hong Kong, etc I'm no expert, but I was quite impressed.

      2. For dim sum, KJ's at the Rio is good. So is Changs on Decatur.
        KJ's the restaurant on Spring Mountain Rd, (just before Jones as you go west) is good for Cantonese. Cathay House on Spring Mountain Rd is also good for Cantonese (they have dim sum too, but sometimes that is hit or miss, but generally ok).

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        1. re: citywayne

          +1 on both Chang's for Dim Sum and KJ Spring Mountain. Also, inside the Venetian is Noodle Asia or Asian Noodle. Pricing and portions may not be at par with Chinatown's, but food is solid.

          1. re: selfportrait93

            Agree with Noodle Asia in the Venetian. We play at the Venetian a lot, so we do go there for a quick bite. As you say, it is a bit pricy, but to be expected for a strip megacasino. Be prepared to pay 2x or more for the same thing at a Spring Mountain establishment.