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Jul 14, 2014 10:41 AM

New Restaurant in Cambridgeport - Chew?

I was walking down Western Ave yesterday and noticed a new establishment in the works. The inside signage says "Chew" but I haven't been able to find any info about it. Does anyone know what's going in here?

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  1. I heard its not a restaurant, but some kind of food research lab and consultancy. Nothing confirmed though. Looks interesting.

    1. I ran by this place yesterday and was pretty confused by it.

      Just found that article but nothing more recent. They have the carrot hung up on the building and what seems almost like a two way mirror in all the windows. I got close enough to look in and there were people there and it looks like stuff was happening. At least one person wearing a toque.

      Does anyone have updated knowledge? I'm curious!

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      1. re: addiez

        Around the time of that article, when asked on Facebook about whether they would open to the public, they posted:

        At this stage, food innovation to companies. One day soon, we will open up on occasions for popup dinners. Come say hi, as for our neighbors there's always going to something to taste!

      2. Thanks for your interest!

        I am actually the owner of Chew, We are a food innovation lab............

        What does this mean????

        We are all about creating new Delicious/Nutritious snack foods and beverages! At this stage we deal only with food and beverage corporations from all over the world, but we have the desire to do some pretty fun dinners at some stage which we will open to the public.

        At the very least, we will send out a message on social media when we have some fun snacks to come in and try!

        Stay tuned...........

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        1. re: AdamChef

          We're definitely interested! Thank you for the update.

          1. re: addiez

            Yes, definitely! Also, if you need folks to support reform of the outdated Cambridge Licensing Committee rules (why do they require places to be open the same hours every week anyway?), you should let us know!