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Jul 14, 2014 10:00 AM

New York to Laconia - what's not to miss? Lobster Rolls?

Hello New England 'hounds. Mr Taster from the Los Angeles boards here.

I may be visiting Laconia (Funspot!) with my brother-in-law in August, and my mind is wandering to lobster rolls (and other things that you do well, which Los Angeles might not.)

Generally I'm looking for less expensive, local specialties that might be difficult to find great representations of in Los Angeles. That means no SE Asian, Chinese, Korean, Mexican/Central American, etc.since LA does those really, really well.

I'd love to have a superlative example of a lobster roll along that route, but am unsure what else to ask for. I've never been to New Hampshire before.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Mr Taster

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  1. Inland lobster rolls are frequently vacuum packed lobster but can still be done well. You might also look for fried clams. In the Lake Winnipesaukee we've had good luck with Red Hill Dairy (tiny take-out place) in Moultonborough. Many supermarkets will steam fresh lobsters for you. You save the mess and smell at home but you do have to pay state meals tax.

    Blueberry PYO has just started. Don't know whether you get great blueberries in LA. There are quite a few places in the greater Concord area.

    You are probably going to go thru Concord either coming up I93 or I91 to Brattleboro VT then Keene NH to Concord. There is a place in Hillsborough NH called the High Tide, counter service only, large screened porch.

    Get a map for the ice cream trail, cheese trail, wine trail etc from NH Dept of Agriculture. In Concord both Arnie's on Loudon Rd and Granite State Candy on Warren street make their own. Also in downtown Concord, I think the Whoopie Pies at Crust and Crumb Bakery (across from State House) are unique and not your run-of-the mill whoopie pie that you can buy at gas stations and convenience stores (i.e. Steve's but if you can find them, Wicked Whoopie Pies are better). There's some pretty good fried clams at Beefside and they make good cole slaw too which is getting scarce (good cole slaw, that is). But if you want something healthier, In A Pinch has some great sandwiches, soups and salads. See their website to find out what kind of soup they have that day. OK lobster roll.

    Continuing north: I93 exit 17 to Richardson's Farm Stand. They also make their own ice cream. I wasn't crazy about the strawberry rhubarb but their gingersnap is pretty good. Also liked their mango which I was surprised to find in NH. My husband always orders their Peanut Butter Cup ice cream because they use real Reeses. Sue also makes The Best Pies. I like her strawberry rhubarb but husband prefers either apple or blueberry. Quite easy to pick up pie a la mode at this place. You can take the back roads but you're better off returning to I93 or at least Rt 3. In Northfield you can get off the highway for The Dipsy Doodle which has pretty good lobster rolls, fried clams, etc. Tiny place, few indoor tables, mostly outside picnic tables. Their onion rings are pretty good, too. For inland lobster rolls, the Dipsy Doodle gets our vote.

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      Fried clams. I forgot about those! Those are extremely hard to find in Los Angeles-- thanks for that reminder. We do have blueberries, but they don't reach the heights of greatness as they do in New England (had some spectacular ones in Portland, OR recently-- the climate seems more like New England.)

      Thanks so much for this detailed reply.

      Mr Taster