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Jul 14, 2014 09:16 AM

Kosher in Memphis TN

I'll be travelling to Memphis in August B"EH and I've been investigating what I can find about kosher food there. Does anyone have any suggestions? Given the limited availability of restaurants, especially for dinner, I expect I will be mostly cooking in my hotel room.

This is what I've found so far: lists several supermarkets with kosher sections. Which has the best selection?

Holy Cow in the JCC looks like they are mostly for lunch. Do they actually have cooked food for dinner? or just packaged sandwiches? Do they have bread during the week? or just cookies?

How is the Nosh-a-rye Deli?

Is Table 613 closed?

Are there any other sources of kosher food in Memphis I should be aware of?

How expensive is kosher food in Memphis? Would I be better off bringing in meat, cheese, etc. or just buying there?

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  1. MY parentslive in Memphis so I can give you the low down:

    Table 613 is closed -

    Nosh-A-Rye and Holy Cow are in the same boat - the food is decent - mostly sandwiches but they do have some cooked hot food - both are open until 8 PM I believe so you can pick up dinner -

    This is the supermarket with the best selection - Kroger's - 540 Mendenhall Road S., (near Sanderelin) 901- 683-8846. - it has cooked chicken - both fried and rotisserie as well a deli counter and kosher bakery - this grocery is very near the Jewishcommunity in East Memphis -

    Ricki's is an excellent bakery - they have do have bread daily in addition to their excellent desserts - they also occasionally make pizzas so you can call and ask -

    In terms of the price - I can only compare to Chicago -and Memphis is slightly more expensive but nothing outlandish during the year - if you were travelling Pesach than definitely bring food -

    Near the Kroger on Mendenhall there is also a Whole Foods that has many hechsherred products -

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    1. Also, are there any hotels within walking distance of a shul for Shabbos?

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        This is a little outside of Chowhound purpose but The closest hotel to the Shuls in East Memphis is the Hampton Inn by Baptist Memorial Hospital - - there are three Shuls with 1 to 2 miles of this hotel

        The closest Shuls by distance are ASBEE (, Baron Hirsch ( and Young Israel of Memphis ( and now to bring it back to food - all three should have a nice kiddush lunch and ASBEE is the location of the Memphis Kosher BBQ Contest -

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          Thank you again. It looks like that hotel doesn't have refrigerators in the rooms which I would really need. I'm looking at the Stayridge instead It has full size refrigerators and kitchen facilities in each room. It looks like it will be a hike to shul though.

          1. re: follick

            Call the hotel and ask about a refrigerator. I have found that many hotels have a few small units they will place in your room if requested. Often there is a small charge, but it is usually waived if one mentions a medical need such as diabetes (the wonders of ADA). I learned about this when traveling on business with my brother over the years. He is diabetic and needs to refrigerate his insulin, I OTOH wanted it for the kosher provisions.

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              Yes, if there were no other option I would try that, but there have been times I've called ahead for a fridge and they've said 'sure, no problem' but when I get there on Friday afternoon they say 'Sorry, all the refrigerators are already in use by guests.' I've never tried saying it was for medical needs, but I really can't say that.

              I'd rather stick with a hotel where all the rooms have full size refrigerators. It's also a lot easier to do hotel cooking in a small but functional kitchen and not trying to wash pots in a bathroom sink.

              1. re: follick

                Yes it will be a hike - the closest shul will be Baron Hirsch -