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Jul 14, 2014 09:16 AM

Kosher in Memphis TN

I'll be travelling to Memphis in August B"EH and I've been investigating what I can find about kosher food there. Does anyone have any suggestions? Given the limited availability of restaurants, especially for dinner, I expect I will be mostly cooking in my hotel room.

This is what I've found so far:
http://www.jewishmemphis.com/template... lists several supermarkets with kosher sections. Which has the best selection?

Holy Cow in the JCC http://www.holycownow.com/restaurant.... looks like they are mostly for lunch. Do they actually have cooked food for dinner? or just packaged sandwiches?

http://www.rickiscookies.com/ Do they have bread during the week? or just cookies?

How is the Nosh-a-rye Deli? http://www.thenoshmemphis.com/

Is Table 613 closed?

Are there any other sources of kosher food in Memphis I should be aware of?

How expensive is kosher food in Memphis? Would I be better off bringing in meat, cheese, etc. or just buying there?

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  1. MY parentslive in Memphis so I can give you the low down:

    Table 613 is closed -

    Nosh-A-Rye and Holy Cow are in the same boat - the food is decent - mostly sandwiches but they do have some cooked hot food - both are open until 8 PM I believe so you can pick up dinner -

    This is the supermarket with the best selection - Kroger's - 540 Mendenhall Road S., (near Sanderelin) 901- 683-8846. - it has cooked chicken - both fried and rotisserie as well a deli counter and kosher bakery - this grocery is very near the Jewishcommunity in East Memphis -

    Ricki's is an excellent bakery - they have do have bread daily in addition to their excellent desserts - they also occasionally make pizzas so you can call and ask -

    In terms of the price - I can only compare to Chicago -and Memphis is slightly more expensive but nothing outlandish during the year - if you were travelling Pesach than definitely bring food -

    Near the Kroger on Mendenhall there is also a Whole Foods that has many hechsherred products -

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    1. Also, are there any hotels within walking distance of a shul for Shabbos?

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        This is a little outside of Chowhound purpose but The closest hotel to the Shuls in East Memphis is the Hampton Inn by Baptist Memorial Hospital - http://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hote... - there are three Shuls with 1 to 2 miles of this hotel

        The closest Shuls by distance are ASBEE (http://www.asbee.org/), Baron Hirsch (http://www.baronhirsch.org/) and Young Israel of Memphis (http://www.yiom.org/) and now to bring it back to food - all three should have a nice kiddush lunch and ASBEE is the location of the Memphis Kosher BBQ Contest -

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          Thank you again. It looks like that hotel doesn't have refrigerators in the rooms which I would really need. I'm looking at the Stayridge instead https://www.ihg.com/staybridge/hotels... It has full size refrigerators and kitchen facilities in each room. It looks like it will be a hike to shul though.

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            Call the hotel and ask about a refrigerator. I have found that many hotels have a few small units they will place in your room if requested. Often there is a small charge, but it is usually waived if one mentions a medical need such as diabetes (the wonders of ADA). I learned about this when traveling on business with my brother over the years. He is diabetic and needs to refrigerate his insulin, I OTOH wanted it for the kosher provisions.

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              Yes, if there were no other option I would try that, but there have been times I've called ahead for a fridge and they've said 'sure, no problem' but when I get there on Friday afternoon they say 'Sorry, all the refrigerators are already in use by guests.' I've never tried saying it was for medical needs, but I really can't say that.

              I'd rather stick with a hotel where all the rooms have full size refrigerators. It's also a lot easier to do hotel cooking in a small but functional kitchen and not trying to wash pots in a bathroom sink.

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                Yes it will be a hike - the closest shul will be Baron Hirsch -