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Jul 14, 2014 09:10 AM

Berkely Springs recent dinners?

We're off to Berkely Springs this weekend and looking for advice from fellow hounds. There's nothing posted in the last few years, so I wondered where's good for both lunch and dinner, and where's to be avoided.
We're adventurous eaters, don't need glamorous surroundings, but do want good food and friendly service, and don't mind paying for it.
As usual, I will post any good findings after the weekend.

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  1. Lot 12 Public House is your best bet for dinner. There aren't a whole lot of options. I also had lunch at Mi Ranchito - okay for Tex Mex.

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            I would second Lot 12 for dinner; Tari's is okay but perhaps more of a lunch joint. Hope you're "taking the waters" at BSSP.

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              Want to take the waters, but their website says single sex can share baths. Does this mean no hetero couples, or is it a sign of their liberalization?

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                BSSP (unfortunately) modernized their soaking tubs in the main bath house several years ago but each tub still holds one. In a separate building they have Roman soaking tubs which can accommodate 2-4 people.

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            Tari's used to be a great spot. They've since gotten oddly snooty and offer only a few overpriced dishes for dinner. Very disappointing.

        1. Oh, also it's Berkeley Springs in case spelling makes a difference for searching CH.

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          1. Went to Lot 12 and to Tari's Cafe. Surprisingly, Lot 12 was a big disappointment: my Jerk Trio was not just overcooked, but was made from reheated sausage, recooked, fall apart chicken, hard shrimp and tasteless, soft rice and beans. I told the (inexperienced) server, who didn't know what to do with the information. My partner's appetiser special, a BLT bruschetta, had good ingredients but looked like it had been flung on the plate from a height.
            Tari's cafe (not the restaurant next door) was very pleasant for an informal dinner.

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              That sucks. I actually had a decent tex mex lunch at Mi Ranchito.

            2. Was in Berkeley Springs last Sat & Sun night.

              Saturday night we went out late - hit Earthdog Cafe right before the kitchen closed. Not only were they fine with making anything we wanted, the food was fantastic! We went for the pub-grub type items on the menu and from the burgers (where medium rare really does equal a warm red center) to the steak & cheese (with just the right amount of seasoning and grilled onions) to the house-made potato chips (still hot) everything was excellent and easily would have been twice the price in DC. Definitely will be back.

              Sunday ... they roll up the carpet early on Sunday night. I guess the weekenders all head back to DC/wherever by mid-day so mot restaurants decide to close at 8pm. Between not wanting to rush a long bike ride along the Potomac to get some place by 7p, the mixed reviews on Tari's and the price tag for uncertain result at Lot 12 ... we decided to hit the Parkview Tavern in the the Country Inn. Noteworthy crabcake, good steak (again, cooked spot on), sides were 'meh'. More expensive than Earthdog, but a slightly better tavern setting. Wouldn't make it a destination ... but it's the only game in town, and not a bad choice, if you want to eat after 8pm. (Well, there is the DQ.) Stick with the Tavern; the restaurant menu is the same and reminds me of a restaurant at a Holiday Inn. (My $0.02)