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Jul 14, 2014 09:09 AM


does anyone know of a restaurant in the nola area or close by that serves a good courtbouillion---catfish or redfish?

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  1. One of my favorite simple dishes (if done properly). I'm interested to see the replies.

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    1. re: Mytah

      i had a great one in lafayette 2 years ago --Tcoons---but i never see it on a nola menu

    2. Had catfish at Cochon several years ago and remember it as darned tasty. Can't vouch for its authenticity though as I've never had another. A quick look at the online menu shows it's still offered.

      1. I'm also interested to see what's out there. I know I saw it on a menu somewhere other than Cochon and I have not had theirs. In fact, I have not had it in a restaurant in many years. I always thought of it as another casualty of Prudhomme's redfish assault.(It can be catfish as you know..or several other fish but redfish is the classic and best in my view). It is one of those things we used to have in more places..spaghetti daube is another..that have disappeared. But these things get trendy and maybe some other cooks will discover it and start doing it again...which is fine if done right.

        1. I had redfish courtbouillion at Commander's last fall. It was a special and was very good. I don't know how helpful that is for you though.

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          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            That is comforting to hear..maybe some of the other old ilne spots will bring it least from time to time.

            I wonder if that Mandich descendant in Slidell (sapphire) is doing it? It isn't hard but it takes a bit of attention.

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              i will call commanders asap to find out when they might have courtbouillion during our next stay . thank you.

              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                brennan's redfish grill has a redfish "stew" which they claim is in essence creole courtbouillion -??

                1. re: joeljcj2

                  I've never been in the place but just looking at the menu, $7 is not going to be a redfish courbouillon.

              2. August has a Gulf snapper "courtbouillon" on their menu.
                But I'm always wary of interpretation when items are in quotes like that.

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                1. re: Mytah

                  I think you're wise to be guarded.