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Jul 14, 2014 09:05 AM

Bastile Day what are you cooking?

Since the Vietnamese got their cue from the French for the sandwich I am making Banh Mi from Andrea Nguyen's new book on the subject. I was a recipe tester for the book and it is a good one. Worth having in your cookbook collection.

Doug made the rolls, I have the pate defrosting and the daikon and carrot pickle is made all I have to do is decide on what other fillings I want.

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  1. Lunch today was
    Tarte a L'oignon,
    Salade de pommes de terre à la moutarde et aux herbes
    Salade verte avec vinaigrette
    Baguette rustique
    mousse au chocolat
    Coq au vin
    Haricots verts aux amandes
    Pommes de terre anglais
    Salade de roquette
    Baies sauvages tarte

    1. very nice chefj!
      i'm having friends over for small bites and wine.
      we'll have a fromage selection and pate.
      bought a baguette at the bakery.
      along with some macaroons for dessert.
      i made a cold cucumber soup with mint that i'll serve in shot glasses.
      and salmon tartare that i'll put in spoons.
      stuffed figs.
      some mini quiches.
      fresh fruit.
      and LOTS of rose.
      and....everyone gets a little bag to take home with a croissant for the morning!

      1. Heh. Each Cinco de Mayo we have French food either in or out, to avoid the juvenile crowds that go to Mexican places that day and we toast the losers of the battle it commemorates. The Mexicans have nothing to do with Bastille Day but we have Mexican food to even out the balance. :-)

        I made Rick Bayless' Enchiladas Especiales Tacuba Style: A little extra spinach and some cilantro in the sauce along with some cumin and cayenne to punch it up.

        1. Usually we just use it as an excuse to indulge in favorite French cheeses, a baguette & salad, or maybe a quiche. But this time I made buckwheat crepes (galettes) filled with spinach & gruyere. Wine, of course.