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Jul 14, 2014 08:52 AM

Bottarga and cream? Help.

I have a beautiful piece of bottarga from Bemis & James. I've had spaghetti alla bottarga a few times and loved it, especially where breadcrumbs, crushed red pepper and parsley are involved (sorry, purists) but am wondering about the use of cream in a bottarga and pasta dish... think bottarga alfredo, minus the cheese. It sounds delicious to me, but I don't want to ruin the goods.

What's your favorite way to eat bottarga and is adding cream (I have double cream, whipping cream and creme fraiche on hand) to spaghetti alla bottarga a bad idea?

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  1. It's a bad idea, especially if it's a beautiful piece. Bottarga should be used with your best olive oil. I have a half memory of an antipasto in a restaurant I don't like that contained something creamy and pregrated bottarga, but it might have been something else. Anyway, it's not suitable for spaghetti. I have had, and made myself, pasta con la bottarga with a FEW added pieces of cooked artichoke (NOT the ones in jars but fresh and cooked separately, then chopped coarsely). That was very good, but when I made it again I used too much artichoke and the dish didn't work. If you want to try your creme fraiche with bottarga, make a few dainty canapes, but don't mess with the pasta.