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Jul 14, 2014 07:34 AM

Helen's of Machias< Maine has burned down...what to do???

We will be staying in Eastport, ME and had planned a day trip to Helen's for fish chowder and blueberry pie. With this sad news: we are in desperate need of recommendations. Help!

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  1. Quoddy head Lobster pound in Eastport has far better chowder than the terribly over rated Helen's ever had

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    1. re: jbuttitta

      Thank you! Any other not to-be-missed places within an hour's drive or so?

      1. re: jay seigle

        How about Blue Bird Restaurant in Machias ?

        1. re: jay seigle

          If you are willing to drive an hour, try the Kitchen Garden Restaurant on Village Rd. in Steuben (just beyond Milbridge off Rte. 1). They are only open Thur-Sat in summers, and only by reservation. Spectacularly good food, veggies, fowl and meat grown on premises, fish from local suppliers, and superb preparation and presentation, Down East cooking with Jamaican twist.

        2. re: jbuttitta

          It was perfect for two fat lobster rolls, steamers and mussels to go...and at $3.00 a pound for the last two, we were in heaven. Thank you!!!

          1. re: jbuttitta

            Sorry, last reply referred to Quaddy Head for the lobster rolls and the shellfish to go. We have been there daily!