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Helen's of Machias< Maine has burned down...what to do???

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We will be staying in Eastport, ME and had planned a day trip to Helen's for fish chowder and blueberry pie. With this sad news:
http://bangordailynews.com/2014/07/11... we are in desperate need of recommendations. Help!

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  1. Quoddy head Lobster pound in Eastport has far better chowder than the terribly over rated Helen's ever had

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    1. re: jbuttitta

      Thank you! Any other not to-be-missed places within an hour's drive or so?

      1. re: jay seigle

        How about Blue Bird Restaurant in Machias ?

      2. re: jbuttitta

        It was perfect for two fat lobster rolls, steamers and mussels to go...and at $3.00 a pound for the last two, we were in heaven. Thank you!!!

        1. re: jbuttitta

          Sorry, last reply referred to Quaddy Head for the lobster rolls and the shellfish to go. We have been there daily!