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Light sauce to moisten grilled sliced chicken breasts

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We've been taking great herbed chicken breast to picnics but would like to bring in a jar something that people could drizzle onto the dish.

I would probably stay away from a vinaigrette but thought maybe something citrusy would do. Open to other suggestions...

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  1. Two MS recipes, where you could just make the sauce:

    Or a chutney/ "fruit pesto" where you mince the pieces instead of dice them, and increase the liquid so it's a sauce.

    1. Chimichurri.

      This is my version and people love the shit out of it:
      EVOO garlic oregano cilantro parsley salt pepper lime juice red wine vinegar jalapeno.

      Depending on my mood I might throw in some coriander cumin or paprika or someting.

        1. I love lemon juice, salt and evoo on chicken. Especially nice with chopped fresh parsley.

          1. Herbed chicken breast would lend itself well to a yogurt based sauce.
            (Tzatziki would be okay -- it's just not a real favorite of mine). As *sweetened* Greek yogurts continue to gain more and more popularity, *savory* uses for yogurt are gaining popularity as well. To make a light sauce, take plain yogurt and mix in any of these ingredients: sriracha, chipotle, lemon zest, chopped fresh herbs, etc. Dried chicken can benefit from a small smear of this, and best of all, it's less messy than a drizzle of something else. Give it a try, experiment. Maybe mix in some sour cream if you want a little more tang too.

            1. Not exactly a drizzle, but I like salsa's on meat.. either a basic Mexican tomato salsa, tomatillo, or a fruit based salsa.

              1. Oh, one more thing, I made this the other day and peeps loved it:

                Butter and garlic in a sauce pan. Toast garlic and lemon zest. Add wine, soy sauce, butter, lemon juice. Reduce. Add honey and LOTS of black pepper. Add some fresh lemon juice too if you want. Chop some herbs and throw it in if you have handy. Cilantro works well. Drizzle.

                1. consider a picnic table stable variant on a Piccata sauce, but with some capers.