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Jul 14, 2014 07:13 AM

Light sauce to moisten grilled sliced chicken breasts

We've been taking great herbed chicken breast to picnics but would like to bring in a jar something that people could drizzle onto the dish.

I would probably stay away from a vinaigrette but thought maybe something citrusy would do. Open to other suggestions...

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  1. Two MS recipes, where you could just make the sauce:

    Or a chutney/ "fruit pesto" where you mince the pieces instead of dice them, and increase the liquid so it's a sauce.

    1. Chimichurri.

      This is my version and people love the shit out of it:
      EVOO garlic oregano cilantro parsley salt pepper lime juice red wine vinegar jalapeno.

      Depending on my mood I might throw in some coriander cumin or paprika or someting.

        1. I love lemon juice, salt and evoo on chicken. Especially nice with chopped fresh parsley.

          1. Herbed chicken breast would lend itself well to a yogurt based sauce.
            (Tzatziki would be okay -- it's just not a real favorite of mine). As *sweetened* Greek yogurts continue to gain more and more popularity, *savory* uses for yogurt are gaining popularity as well. To make a light sauce, take plain yogurt and mix in any of these ingredients: sriracha, chipotle, lemon zest, chopped fresh herbs, etc. Dried chicken can benefit from a small smear of this, and best of all, it's less messy than a drizzle of something else. Give it a try, experiment. Maybe mix in some sour cream if you want a little more tang too.