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Jul 14, 2014 05:25 AM

August 2014 Openings and Closings

Looks like One of The Kind in the Allson Super 88 food court is gone; its replacement will be a place called Chilipa, serving "Mala XiangGuo (SPICY BOWL), we offer different kind of meat, seafood, and veggies, just pick your ingredients and spice level, it will be cooked and served to you in one of our giant wooden bowl, a bowl that full of taste." The dish also translates as "Overbearing spicy pot".

Sounds like Fire & Ice, only not terrible. Intriguing!

Per their website, the menu includes: "Snow peas (Snow Bean), Chrysanthemum (crowndaisy Chrysanthemum), melon (Winter Melon), Lotus (Lotus Roots), Prince mushroom (King Mushroom), lettuce (Lettuce), Kelp (Seaweed), black fungus (Wood Fungus), beans (Green Bean), tofu foam (Fried Tofu), cilantro (Parsley), fresh yuba (Tofu Sheet), broccoli (Broccoli), potato chips (Sliced ​​Potato), wide powder (Think Vermicelli), mushroom (Enokitake), West celery (celery), Chinese cabbage (Cabbage), bean sprouts (bean sprouts), Shanghai cuisine (Bok Choy), Frog (frog), Inner Mongolia lamb (lamb), cod fillets (Fish Filet), tripe (Omasum), Kidney (Pig Kidney), black pepper beef balls (Beef Ball), tongue (Beef Tongue), Sirloin tablets (Beef Brisket) trotter (Pork Trotter) pig ear (Pork Ear), fresh squid (Squid), sausage (Cantonese sausage), Taiwan meatballs (Taiwan Pork Ball) Shrimp (Prawn), mussels (Mussels), Crispy intestine (Sausage) American beef (Snow Beef) broth (Pork Intestine), clams (Clam Meat), luncheon meat (Luncheon Meat) lobster balls (Lobster Ball), Pig (Pig Blood Cake), swimming shrimp ( Live Shimp), Fuzhou fish balls (Fuzhou Fishball), tendon pill (Beef Tendon Ball) cuttlefish (Octopus)".


They are targeting August 1 to open. Website: h/t: Jenny Ondioline.

Chinese text on their "About" page translated: "Selected by the 13 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine coupled with carefully brewed condiment, while the integrated hot, delicious do not get angry. Matched according to their preferences diners pick the north and south of the ingredients, carefully prepared by professional chefs, and hemp. Spicy. Fresh. Incense in a pot. The tailor-made gourmet food for you."


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  1. BISq (aka Bergamot Inman Square, fka Angel's Share) was slated to open towards the end of this month. I'm not sure if this is still true.

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    1. re: mkfisher

      I walked by the other day and it was desolate. Will check it out again this week.

      1. re: mvi

        They now have a FB page and are "coming very soon" whatever that means. Inman is really a unique area for food choices. Looking forward to this new spot.

        1. re: mvi

          Walked by yesterday and it's still desolate -- bare walls/flooring; no sign of recent work. I'm excited for it to open, but opening day still looks at least weeks away.

          1. re: huuvola

            Unofficial target is for October opening.

          2. re: mvi

            Hi MVI. Can you link to the BISq fbook page or let me know how you found it? I just did a search - both on google and on fbook - and wasn't able to find it. Thanks for your help!

            1. re: kdemayo

              No problem. I follow Bergamot on FB and they wrote about it, adding the link to the post. Here it is:

              If for some reason the link doesn't work, go to Bergamot's FB page and scroll down a little. It's there.

      2. This concept does not interest me in the slightest but 18 months in "The Wreck of the Hesperus" slot in the 88 food court will doom them anyhow.

        I will miss One of The Kind, though after they lost that first chef (who was freakin' great) they never had any consistency and when you asked about stuff on the menu they looked at each other like you were asking about disappeared family members.

        We'll see.
        I still miss the two Thai ladies, their tom yum soup was the best.

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        1. re: hyde

          This doesn't appeal to me either. This seems to be really popular at the food court in flushing, ny (the shiny fancy one), but it's too easy to overwhelm the bowl with too many ingredients and flavors. But there are so many more options at that food court v. The fewer options in Allston.

          I'm very sad about One of the Kind. I loved those lamb skewers. It does seem to be a cursed spot.

          1. re: hyde

            I have to say, I went for the first time today, and I was converted... It was a little confusing (to me, anyway), but here is the gist of it...You select meats and seafood separately, and pay by the pound; $8.88. In addition to, or instead of that, you can get a small $5.50, or large, $7.50, of any combo of veggies you like...I was happy to see, and select thin slices of taro, slices of interesting mushrooms, chrysanthemum stem (I think) enoki mushrooms, slices of fried tofu and tofu skin in a edition to fresh shrimp, the aforementioned lobster balls and blanched squid....I order the hottest, of the 5 degrees....They brought it out, and when the owner saw my Anglo face, he was very concerned, asking if I really wanted that. Yes I did!

            And it was properly hot, in the Sichuan way; LOTS of Sichuan peppercorns for that tingling ma la, dried peppers, and some pickled Thai Chilis, as well as the chili oil, so lots of layers, and lots of flavors....I DID have to have a glass of milk later in the afternoon, but you can bet I'll be back again!

          2. Wood fungus--the frozen yogurt of 2014.

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            1. re: hiddenboston

              I'm just grateful I'm not the guy who has to castrate all those lobsters.


            2. I, for one, cannot wait to try the sirloin tablets!

              I'm a sucker for overbearing spicy pots.

              1. An Indonesian caterer (business name: Kaki Lima, Bahasa for "street food cart") is aiming to open a restaurant in the Boston area "soon", and will do a couple of pop-ups August 7 and 14 at the new East Boston Kitchen.

                More details at Eater Boston: