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Jul 14, 2014 01:52 AM


shorty, I just arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon from Rome. The Italy board is a great resource--perhaps not quite as giving as the Paris board seems to have been to you.

By the way, it was baking hot the week and a half I was in Italy, so keep in mind you may not feel like eating quite as much and as often. But try to get the ceci and baccala salad at Sorpasso if you happen to be in Prati.

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  1. Thank you. Anyone in particular that was a great help to you on the board? I can always eat. All the waiters think I'm crazy.

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      Katie Parla, Maureen Fant, Elizabeth Minchilli are rome stalwarts but there of course other worthies, vinoroma, barberinibee (I was also in bologna and ravenna), too many to name, all helpful.

      I last dined at Armando in 2005; it was good then, for whatever that is worth.

      Cesare al Casaletto very good but quite a trek. L'Arcangelo is excellent and I always like Antico Arco but maybe I am biased as I visit every time I am in Rome.

      1. re: Leely2

        This is my rome plan:
        Rome DINNER:
        Osteria Bonelli
        De Armando al Pantheon
        Trattoria "Da Cesare"

        Rome LUNCH:
        Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino

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          Shorty: how do I break this to you ? You're on the wrong board. Please go to the Italy board please.
          Leely: I beg you to give your answer to Shorty on the Italy board.

          1. re: Parigi

            I see they've moved the thread to the correct board. My apologies! I was on the run when answering shorty.

            Good luck and happy dining, shorty.

          2. re: shortyepic

            Your list looks varied, i like it. Make a reservation days ahead for all dinner options, and a day ahead for lunch options. At bonelli be prepared to eat really roman, ie offal and other interesting meats - unless it is tuesday or friday, then fish. Roscioli is great with all antipasti and coldcuts, esp burrata, and the holy trinity of roman pastas. Service can be bad. Armando is a good roman classic and very central, cesare is my favorite at the moment (going strong for 2 years now), order as many fritti as you can posssibly eat, do not miss the eggplant-balls. Superb wines. Arcangelo great for supplizio and gnocchi and roman pastas, but beware, he cooks them really al dente. Gino is my least favorite of the bunch, but still ok. Have fun!
            Ps: bonelli and cesare seem to be far, but both easily reachable. Trenino from termini for bonelli, tram from piazza venezia for cesare. No need for a taxi.

          3. re: Leely2

            We're just back from Rome, which included dinner at Cesare al Casaletto. My husband and I loved the food, and it's really not that far. The tram is right across from the restaurant. My only caveat is that I think it's perhaps best with a group, so you can share tastes of more items. My husband and I shared a plate of gnocchi fritti and each had a pasta and were stuffed to the proverbial gills.

            1. re: lisaonthecape

              I was waiting for your report! Didyou have a chance to go to litro as well? Walk around monteverde?

              1. re: vinoroma

                I'm hoping to write the report this evening. Regrettably, we didn't get to Litro, but there's always the next trip....

          4. re: shortyepic

            Just go to the Italy board. Go ! You don't have any time left !

            1. re: Parigi

              OH NO, not to the Italy board. I hope he is not coming to Venice; the city does not need another mega cruise ship docking on it's fragile soil.

          5. Sorry, I had th ceci and baccala salad at l'Arcangelo. Had great polpo at Sorpasso. The mind, it wanders... Also had excellent amatriciana at l'Arcangelo. Nice service too.