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Jul 14, 2014 12:55 AM

Old Town Albuquerque Sunday night restaurant recommendations?

My guy and I are going to be in Old Town as part of a road trip for one night, this coming Sunday, and we'd really appreciate any restaurant recommendations. We live in Tucson, so we've already had more than enough Mexican and would prefer something different. We are happy to splurge.

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  1. Good, non-Mexican chow near Old Town, on a Sunday night, possibly a splurge is actually a bit of a tall order. The only non-Mex restaurant I half like in Old Town is Seasons, but I can hardly wax ecstatic about it; it's reliably decent but it always feels a little "restaurant groupy" to me, the closest thing we have to a Fox Concepts place in NM. Also, ABQ just isn't a splurgy kind of town; low- and midscale seems to be the sweet spot. (If you're specifically interested in a splurge, I can give you some good recs an hour north in Santa Fe.)

    A few other Sunday recs, listed by increasing distance from Old Town:

    On Central, Vinaigrette is a "salad bistro", growing many of the greens at their own farm 90 minutes north in Nambe. It's pricy for what it is, but the quality is pretty tough to argue with.

    Budai is phenomenal for Chinese and Taiwanese, just be sure to ask for the secret menu where a bunch of the best stuff is. They have xao long bao, which is an absolute must.

    Huong Thao is pretty no-frills, but they serve up some excellent homestyle Vietnamese, especially the pho.

    Also, although I had one meh meal at Mas, a tapas restaurant downtown, it was a super crowded night right after they first opened, and its two sister restaurants up in Santa Fe are among my favorites in the state. I certainly want to get back at some point and give them another try.

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      Thanks a lot! These recommendations are very helpful.

    2. If you'd consider going up I-25 a way, I think Indigo Crow in Corrales (a little village just north of Abq) is the one of the best options for a Sunday night in the Albuquerque metro area. It has a nice atmosphere and a pretty shaded outddoor space, and while the menu has some Southwestern touches it's not focussed on Mexican or New Mexican. My Mom went there last week and said the food at dinner was better than ever.!dinne... (If you take the non-highway route, going up Rio Grande Blvd, you'll drive through Los Ranchos, a beautiful residential and horse boarding area that few tourists visit.


      Another thought is Antiquity, which is right in Old Town and is open every night: I've never been there and it seems like the food might be very basic old school steakhouse food, but it's quite a popular date night/special occasion restaurant. Maybe others can say more about it.

      1. Too bad you didn't dig a bit in the threads - I hosted a dinner at Budai Sunday night that was off-off menu. Fantastic stuff. Would have loved to have had you.

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          I think the OP will be here this coming Sunday. The original post was made on 7/14.

        2. Then its too bad I didn't plan the dinner for this coming Sunday ;)

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            If you do this (or something like this) again in the Fall or Winter, I'm in. The menu looks great.

            BTW, if you're still looking for locations that might work for a pop-up you might want to try contacting The Shop in Nob Hill. Lots of space, nice creative young people running it, and they're only open for b'fast and lunch, so probably no scheduling conflict.