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Jul 13, 2014 09:20 PM

Fresh & Easy Hummus Shockingly Good

So I was at Fresh & Easy tonight on La Cienega. I seldom go in there because, frankly, it looks so unappealing -- like a 7-11.

I picked up some Fresh & Easy hummus (the chimichurri flavor) and some Fresh & Easy Roasted Red Pepper Crackers. At first, I wasn't going to get the hummus because the "best consumed by" date was only two days away. But then I saw that it had no preservatives and I thought that only two days of freshness might actually be a good thing.

Well this is definitely, bar none, the best supermarket hummus I have ever had. I topped it off with some aleppo chilli from my spice cabinet to make it even better. The crackers are pretty good also. I also picked up a bottle of La Crema pinot noir, which seemed to be the best (and most expensive) of their limited wine selection and that is decent as well.

Fresh & Easy also had a decent selection of organic vegetables and fruit and I picked up some as well, as well as some Fresh & Easy brand yogurt with fresh berries and granola.

I keep forgetting about this place because, as stated, it looks like a 7-11, but they have some good stuff and it is a quick in and out.

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  1. I really like their hummus, the spicy jalapeno variety, which really isn't that spicy, but has a little kick of flavor. Much better than most of the commercially available brands. F&E also has some pretty good pita chips in the snack aisle to go with the hummus.

    There are some things that they do well and a lot of other stuff to just pass by.

    1. agreed. their rustic garlic bread (ie a loaf of bread with garlic stuffed inside before baking, not italian american garlic bread) is also really good and incredibly cheap.

      1. I love the lemon cilantro hummus they sell. At first I thought I was going crazy making "just hummus" trips to f&e but I am glad you made a thread here so I know I am not the only one who loves it. I buy their lemon cilantro hummus, some sliced turkey, seedless English cucumbers, some tomatoes and their multigrain trio of Demi baguettes and make lunch at work. The hummus is so smooth, rich and moist that it is a welcome replacement for mayo in sandwiches. Totally yum. I need to try some other hummus flavors but I keep going back to the lemon cilantro one.