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Jul 13, 2014 07:59 PM

Boston to Storyland... Any good roadfood?

Driving the family from Arlington Ma to North Conway Tuesday night for an epic Wednesday Storyland visit....we will need dinner on the road. can anyone recommend a stop, preferably near an exit, for a good dinner? The eldest boy (3 1/2) is a good eater but not yet ready for spice or complicated dishes..parents have no issues just like well executed dishes, even if just out of a fryolater.... Figure we will be near Portsmouth around the early evening. Thx....

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  1. I would recommend Cafe Nostimo, its not right off RT 95, but worth the additional 5 -10 minute drive.
    real good solid greek food, the chicken fingers are the best we've had in a while.
    and you avoid being in downtown Portsmouth. Which is a great city but not a quick in and out.
    the exit for Nostimo is before you branch off toward Conway.

    1. Street 360 in Portsmouth has an interesting and varied selection of dishes and I enjoyed the food on a recent stop for lunch. They are open until 9PM.

      They are fairly close to the highway.

      1. Lexie's Joint. Probably five minutes off 95 (or coming from the Conway direction, easy-ish from the Rte 16/Spaulding/Portsmouth Rotary). It's far enough from downtown/Market Square to have its own parking lot.

        Just a burger joint, but very consistent and well executed.

        They also have a summer/seasonal location in Newington at the Marina,(i.e. very easy access from the Spaulding/Rte4/16 just before the Portsmouth Circle) that might even be easier access for you, and offer the kids entertainment in the way of looking at the boats. But I haven't eaten there, so can't comment on whether the food is equally consistent.

        1. If you have a chance, visit the Red Parka. The restaurant is extremely close to Storyland. We eat there every time we make our annual trip with our three boys to Storyland. They are quick to seat you, kid friendly, and have my favorite meal of any restaurant, baked stuffed shrimp! Their wings are amazing also!