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Jul 13, 2014 07:04 PM

Looking for a good cinnamon - not sticky! - bun in NYC

Looking for a really good cinnamon bun in NYC - not a sticky bun, not one with raisins, and not one that automatically comes with icing.
Dare I say I'm just looking for a high quality cinnabon? Where the icing is optional. I've rarely seen one, and I've got a serious craving!

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  1. Amy's.

    Cinnamon Challah Knots. No icing. Pull apart fun.

    1. Balthazar's bakery has a cinnamon roll that is smaller and more dense, chewier bread than a big fluffy thing. Very good, but i can't remember if it has raisins? Best to go in the morning they sell out often. (They also have a sticky bun version)