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Jul 13, 2014 06:22 PM

Hair found in the food...

I know it can be worse.. but it was very disappointing to find a long strand of hair inside the dessert after a meal. The waitress was apologetic and the manager came right by to apologize and stated that he will of course not charge for the dessert.
It ruined our dinner and we both felt really gross out afterwards.

I really think that a restaurant should have not charged us for dinner.. no? What are your opinions on this?

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  1. If you found a hair in your dinner plate, they should not have been charged for your dinner. You did find a hair in your dessert and you were not charged for the dessert. I think you were treated fairly.

    1. You wanted your entire dinner comped???? That's a bit unreasonable. Almost everyone has hair. Hair falls out. Yes, it should be maintained to minimize or eliminate the chances of that happening, but it's hair, not a used hypodermic needle.

      Comping the dessert with profuse apologies and the offer of a replacement is sufficient, in my opinion.

      1. They did not charge you for the defective plate of dessert and did it in good faith without arguing. I would call that a sincere effort and would not demand anything more.

        1. Isn't it odd that if we find one of our own hairs in our food it's not an issue, even though our own hair may not be freshly washed! Even my own dogs' hairs are not a big deal to me, but someone else's dog's hair or their hair is icky.

          1. I would not expect dinner either and the comp was in good faith.

            I would definitely expect an immediate replacement though (whether the charge was removed or not)

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              No -- there's another recent thread about this.

              *Either* a replacement, or a comp if you don't want the dessert at this point, but you're not entitled to both.

              1. re: sunshine842

                Should have been more clear, I personally expect the replacement. The comp is nice as well, but not expected.