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Jul 13, 2014 06:12 PM

Best Chinese restaurants North of 34 Street?

I used to get to Chinatown a lot but I don't do stairs anymore; I travel (slowly, 'tis true) by bus. So, tell me, what are the best - or, maybe, most interesting - Chinese restaurants North of, say, 34 Street? Like Xi'An Famous Foods - but where there are more seats than a dozen stools?Thanks

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      1. Thanks for the recommends. Interestingly, they mostly lean toward "hot". Any n on-hots (maybe Cantonese?) or is that too passe?

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          1. re: hlbones

            Wa Jeal on the UES serves "non-hot" food (in addition to "hot" food); it was perfect for my mother.

          2. Three come to mind:
            Mapo Tofu
            Hunan Manor
            Both have spicy dishes but plenty of non spicy items.
            Phoenix Garden, Cantonese, cash only, BYOB

            1. Cantonese food outside Chinatown in Manhattan is a very weak category

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