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Jul 13, 2014 05:35 PM

Chinese restaurant with steamed fish?

My niece is arriving from California this week for a visit and she'd like to have her favorite dinner, Chinese steamed fish. I live in Arlington, but as a doting uncle, we'll travel for a really delicious meal. Please make recommendations. Thanks

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  1. Hong Kong Place in Seven Corners shopping center has a nice steamed fish.

    Despite the name, Hong Kong Palace is a Sichuan restaurant. The owners bought the restaurant and never bothered to change the name. (The prior owners served country-style Taiwanese food, so I'm not sure why they called it Hong Kong Palace, either.)

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    1. re: Mississippi Snopes

      Never had their steamed fish but I love their fried and braised fish.

    2. With soy sauce, ginger and scallions? Miu Kee, Marks Duck House and XO Taste. If you're willing to drive to Vienna, then Lotus Garden.