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Jul 13, 2014 04:34 PM

5 nights in Capetown


My husband and I will be in Capetown for 5 nights in early September. Plan to go to Roundhouse and Savoy Cabbage and looking for other suggestions. Test Kitchen is booked and do not want to taxi for 20 minutes. Would love to add on a seafood restaurant and an african/South African restaurant. Please tell me your favorites - any local places would be terrific.


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  1. There are 2 recent threads on Cape Town that you might want to look at for ideas.
    For the seafood options, you will see Baia, Miller's Thumb, Panama Jacks (I tried it out again in December and don't think it worthwhile anymore) and (I think) Codfather recommended.
    For African/South African... I'll hold off on talking of the various styles and assume that you want the tourist experience, and would suggest Gold or Moyo. The latter has recently opened up in a few more spots but I haven't been to those. Menus of both are online.

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    1. re: haiku.

      Thanks so much. We actually would prefer a non tourist place for African/South African food. Any suggestions would be terrific

      1. re: matika

        I started typing out a long reply, and then thought it better to first ask: What do you consider to be African/South African food? What are you hoping to have?

        1. re: haiku.

          Sorry - have not had a chance to check in for a few days. I have noticed that Capetown has a number of well regarded french, italian, sophisticated restaurants. We would love to eat a more local cuisine place - Not sure i that is Malay traditional food or not. Really would prefer that it was not a place that caters to tourists.

          Thanks so much,

          1. re: matika

            Where are you staying? (I am asking only because you mention not wanting a long taxi ride, but you mention dining at The Roundhouse, which is in Camps Bay, well outside the CBD).

            If you are ok with taxiing to Camps Bay, The Codfather is popular locally for seafood, and it is fun to choose your own and have it cooked to order..and they are open Sundays, when many places will be closed.


            1. re: erica

              Thanks Erica,

              We actually were trying to figure where to eat on a Sunday. Staying at the Cape Heritage downtown, but the Roundhouse does not seem like a long taxi ride. I was referring to places like La Colombe, which is a long and pricey taxi ride.

    2. Thanks Erica - I have been wondering about Sunday night. We are staying at the Cape Heritage Hotel downtown, but the taxi ride to Roundhouse does not appear that long. I was referring to restaurants like La Colombe which is a costly and long taxi ride.

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      1. re: matika

        While I liked La Colombe very much, it cost about 600Rand RT by taxi. (about $30US each way, with driver waiting and including tip). I initially had the Roundhouse on my list; even with 7 nights, I could not visit all the interesting-sounding restaurants! Be sure to distinguish between what they term "African" restaurants, which means usually food rooted in tradition of sub-Saharan countries, and "South African," which can mean European or Asian-influenced food with excellent local ingredients. Most SA places will have some sort of white "line-caught"fish on the menu. I had a nice lunch at Beluga about 5 years ago; they have lots of seafood on menu and it is close to your hotel. Casual place located in a repurposed factory building; moderate prices and young crowd:

        1. re: erica

          Thanks Erica. Appreciate your tips. Yes - the taxi ride to la Colombe was a deciding factor. We live in New York City so are spoiled with great food close by.

          1. re: matika

            Another New Yorker here! An interesting food stop for you will be the V&A Market on the Wharf. You will almost certainly be in that area at least once during your stay, so plan to spend an hour there.

            You can eat your way through various stands, sampling both local specialties such as biltong, and various ethnic treats--samoosas (note spelling!) and bobotie from the local Indian and Cape Malay kitchens. There is a very good juice stand inside that market.
            Saturdays brings a food market in Woodstock but, as you noted, that is about a 20-minute taxi from the CBD.

            I love CapeTown and consider the food scene there to be first-rate.
            HAppy to answer any and all questions based on my two visits.

            1. re: erica

              Thanks Erica - we love markets and this sounds terrific. Is it just a morning market - as we have a bunch or excursions planned. Will be sure to give an update when we return

              1. re: matika

                I think the V&A food market runs all day; it makes a good quick lunch stop. Please do report back!!!! You will love CapeTown, and the people you meet there!!