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Jul 13, 2014 04:06 PM

How common is lupin flour?

Hello world travelers,

I have been doing some research on different foods in France because I have a pretty bad peanut allergy. Throughout the research, I have come across that lupin is a common additive to many different breads, pastries, and pastas. I guess there is a very high reaction rate between the two. Does anyone know how common of a food additive it is? It is unnerving when my go to food items have been taken away from me! Any advice/help is appreciated!

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    1. Yeah, I saw that, but it was from 5 years ago. I was hoping for some updated information. thanks though!

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        I believe the updates are that lupin flour is used, it should be labelled in packaged foods and some but not all those with peanut allergies can be sensitive. Best thing to do is get your allergist to do a skin prick test for Lupin sensitivity rather than worrying about it as it is not likely to be an issue (some studies have the reaction to both peanuts and lupin at less than 10% of those tested).

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          Thats what I planned on doing. The research has been crazy! as little at 10% as much at 60% but with very low number of participants. Even skin prick tests are the most reliable! I actually just went to the store to buy the Lupini beans and I am going to ask my allergist for a skin and oral challenge. Lets hope all goes well!

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            I would also note that it doesn't seem to be a big issue in Europe so you could surmise the cross sensitivity is quite rare and the pure Lublin sensitivity isn't that high.

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              Well thats what I was thinking too. There is only a 5% chance of cross reactivity between legumes, except for Lupin. The cross reactivity between peanuts and lupin are based on what ARA H protein an individual is sensitive to. I did more research that what I should have. Im waiting for my immunocap blood test to come back. Im just really curious how many bakeries actually use it. It seems to be in a lot of the gluten free stuff.