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Jackson Hole to Riverton to Cody Wy

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We're driving from Jackson Hole through Riverton, Thermopolis and Codyi into Yellowstone in Aug. Wondering if there are any recommendations on where to eat or stay along the way - especially smaller local places - rustic is good ! but greasy is not :)

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  1. Jackson is easy - tons of options and you should search other discussions already on Chow as there's not going to be much difference : )

    Thermop is HORrible. Have been more than once, and it's never good. I can recommend Black Bear Cafe for breakfast, lunch if you're still there, but dinner anywhere is just awful and disappointing. The resto in the hotel that everyone recommends, Safari Club - take a pass. I've had to default to eating there 2x in recent years. The Stones Throw (golf club) is even worse. Pleather bucket wheeled swivel chairs from the 1980s mixed with church bazaarish seating and food off of a Sysco truck at best.

    Cody you'd do fine at the Rib 'n Chop House, or if you want an independent Cody-only steak experience, Cassie's. You can watch locals (and visitors) 2-step while you eat, which has its charms.

    Regarding where to stay..... if you haven't booked places yet you may be sleeping in the car! Get on that right away, very difficult to find bookings in Jackson, Cody, and even Thermop in the summer.

    Most importantly, please report back! Hounds like feedback.

    1. I can only speak to Jackson but keep in mind my experience there is limited. I found the buffalo burger served at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar to be overpriced and disappointing. It's worth checking out however. Grab a drink and eat elsewhere.