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Orange yolks

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I know this might be a strange request but where can I find eggs with orangiest yolks possible. Don't care if they're white, brown, free range, organic, grain fed, etc as long as the yolks are a nice deep orange yellow.

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  1. Why do you want them like that? As I understand, it's a matter of what they're fed.

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      Just preference and taste is more intense.

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        You might be interested in this old Serious Eats test :)


    2. Probably best to find someone with chickens and offer to pay for the feed in exchange for eggs...

      1. The farm through which I get my CSA veggies sells eggs from their farm. I rarely buy them but, when I have, I am surprised by how orange the yolks are. The farm's name is Ferme Melilot. I think they recently rented a booth at JTM with 5 other farms. If you want, you can contact them through one of the ways listed on their website http://www.fermemelilot.com/nous-join...

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        2. http://blog.chickenwaterer.com/2013/0...
          "If you like deep yellow eggs, provide your flock with lots of leafy greens or marigold petals. ... If you prefer darker eggs that are orange-colored, give your chickens carrot peels, less-than-perfect tomatoes, and peppers."

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            And remember that chickens aren't meant to be vegetarians. Give them access to bugs and such.

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