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Jul 13, 2014 03:25 PM

A Clean Well Lighted Place For Birds [San Francisco]

Just back from another successful "hunt" at San Francisco Poultry, on the west side of the last block Grant Ave. near B'way. Todays bounty was a 3.75 lb. guinea fowl for $18.00 (head and feet included, natch). The funny thing is all birds are priced by type, not weight. There were also silkies, chukars,rabbits and assorted chickens. All product is kept behind glass, and picked out and bagged by ladies in smocks and hairnet, like a "clean room". Also birds are cleaned in a glassed in back room as clean as the front. There is absolutely no "pong" of poultry at all. I am reluctant to share this because there is not always Guinea fowl (my very favorite) available, so whatever you do promise you won't but the last one. Not a lot of English available, so be prepared to point and smile.

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  1. sorry, meant "won't buy the last one".

    1. Did you notice the price for rabbit?

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        I asked, and the answer was either $20 or $28 each(See note re; English in O.P.). By the pound rabbit is available at FPFM Saturdays from Devil's Gulch Ranch for $9.50 lb. which seems to be the going price wherever there's rabbit.

      2. When I spotted this title, I knew exactly which store on your home turf you'd probably be writing about. I'm glad to hear that you've been able to navigate this spot as a non-Chinese speaker. This is the location of the long gone Chinatown stalwart, On Sang Poultry. I've wondered if any of the On Sang owner's family are still involved here.

        I've purchased silkies there. The price for these does vary by size - small, medium and large - though not sold by exact weight.

        There's a second location on Stockton Street.

        San Francisco Poultry
        1118 Grant Ave
        San Francisco, CA
        (415) 781-8883


        1199 Stockton St
        San Francisco, CA
        (415) 421-1696

        Friday morning I was in Man Sung, the poultry store next door, to buy Petaluma Poultry chicken parts to make stock. Meaty carcasses, 80¢ lb, wing tips, 50¢ lb, and feet, $1.25 lb. I've also been buying fresh as can be chicken livers for $1.50 lb there.

        I also frequent King Poultry for freshly killed birds, which you tipped us to.

        1. I'll be a smartass and point out that it's on the east side, not the west side of Grant Ave.

          1. I'm curious, what distinguishes Guinea fowl meat?

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            1. re: ernie in berkeley

              Hey Ernie! While the meat is generally darker, denser and richer than chicken, it's really all about the skin. Properly done on the Weber it's like it wraps itself in bacon.