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Jul 13, 2014 03:20 PM

Dinner Recommendation near Belasco theater (44th and Ave of Americas)

I'm travelling from LA to NYC in August for a Broadway show at the Belasco, and wanted a pre or post theater dinner recommendation. I have 7pm Saturday night tickets. I eat most things--but no sushi--and am looking for entree, a drink, appetizer or dessert for under $60.00.

Also, I will probably be dining alone Sunday and/or Monday night--I'd love recommendations for chow-worthy restaurants in Manhattan that may have dinner specials those nights (ie prix fixe or weekend happy hours)...I know there's a few in LA that do so I didn't know if there were some in NYC as well. Or, is there anything that's not to miss? I haven't been to Manhattan in at least 6 years.

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  1. $60 also including tax (8.875%) and tip (20%)?

    For Sunday and Monday, what's your budget for food only? Any neighborhood constraints?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I'm sorry, clarification: $60 before tax/tip. No neighborhood constraints.

        1. re: Pan

          I wish I was pickier, but I'm not. I don't like sushi, but I eat pretty much anything else. I do particularly enjoy fusiony-type restaurants, more contemporary American, small plates, and farm to table.

          1. re: lindabethn

            Fushion/creative, small plates, and farm-to-table are some of my favorites as well.

            Take a look at:
            Louro - check out their happy hour, too
            Public - note that their Sunday supper can sell out quickly
            Pearl & Ash - may be on the loud side
            Momofuku Ssam Bar - may be on the loud side, most of the seating is counter seating

        2. re: lindabethn

          For your pre-theatre dinner, Oceana is very close by and has a $49 prix fixe.

          Enjoy Hedwig!

      1. DB Bistro, which is right on 44th Street, just east of 6th, has a $48 pre-theater prix fixe dinner. Haven't eaten there, but I often stay on 44th Street between 5th and 6th, so I'm always passing by.

        I loved my recent dinner at Esca on 43rd, just west of 9th, but that is a much longer walk and I doubt you could stay under $60 unless you limited yourself to just a pasta and a drink. My pasta with wild salmon was wonderful, however.