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Jul 13, 2014 03:17 PM

Lulu's Allston, anyone been yet?

Thinking of going with friends. I really like the menu. Would love a report if someone has been. Also, if we're coming from the burbs is there anywhere to park around that neighborhood? My recollection is that you cross your fingers and hope to find something on the street if you're lucky.

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  1. Your recollection about parking is spot on. Haven't tried the place yet but drive by it every day. They sure took a very long time opening!

    1. If there is no parking on Cambridge St (near the restaurant), try down one one the side streets on the same side as Lulu's. This leads down towards Braintree st (which outlets near the Pizzaria Regina).

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      1. re: kimfair1

        Be VERY careful not to park illegally anywhere in that area (in private lots of businesses that are closed for the day, in the Walgreen's lot, etc.) There is a nearby towing company that patrols the neighborhood and tows aggressively, and I guarantee that your convivial evening out will be ruined if you find yourself having to cough up $100 plus - cash only - to get your car out of hock.

        It might be worth calling Lulu's to ask whether they have parking in a lot nearby.

        That said, I live in the neighborhood but haven't eaten there yet. A couple of Yelp reviews that mention that the place has a bouncer checking IDs *at the door* rather than at table makes me think that they're not exactly positioning themselves as a restaurant.

        1. re: Allstonian

          Read an article in Boston Magazine hyping the food and chef although it does mention all the beers available. Maybe it's more "loungy" in the late evening and famlyish earlier. Although given the location it may be catering to the young crowd.
          I do love all the veggy menu items. Maybe I'll give it a try for lunch before all the college kids come back to town.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Oh dear. I'm not getting how that's significantly different from Tavern IN the Square or White Horse Tavern. Just what the neighborhood doesn't really need more of...

              1. re: Allstonian

                been there mainly for drinks but have had just a bit of the food (mainly from friends' plates.) I've tried to refrain from commenting because I haven't had a full meal here, but I feel like I need to chime in and say that it's definitely a step or two above white horse or TITS as far as food goes. I've had the Pretzel "rolls", which were very good, however, they are quite small. You get 4 for $3, which isn't too much to complain about though. The Monkey bread was pretty good, however I wouldn't consider it a must try and I had a bit of my friend's short rib taco, which was solid. I've eaten at TITS/white horse a few times and this food is definitely above their typical bar food/Sysco quality.

                Also, the scene here is definitely more upscale than the aformentioned bars, not too many college kids here, it's is mostly the the affluent hipster types. (Not to be confused with the college hipster.)

                1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                  I'm not a fan of this particular format of Globe "preview", which mostly seems to focus on eavesdropping on other guests instead of tasting the food. The menu isn't all cheesiness:


                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    What You're Saying:
                    "Gee this menu is a lot more interesting than that suggested by that less-than-helpful Globe 'Quick Bite', don't you think?"

                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      Interesting. The menu - and not just in the items offered, but also the graphic design approach - reminds me a lot of the Shanghai Social Club, which could also be easily denigrated but offers some quite good food & drink options. Are we seeing a new trend here?

              2. re: Allstonian

                I should have said to only use street parking on those back streets, Allstonian is right, if you park in that Walgreen's lot and don't go into Walgreen's, your car would be towed before you could walk to Lulu's! Same goes for the CVS lot on Brighton Ave. There are some side streets that are not resident only parking, see Jenny Ondioline's suggestions below, all good ones. Luckily for us we can walk down there, so no need to worry about parking for us.

              3. re: kimfair1

                Hmm. The residential side streets in that area are our go to parking destination when we're headed for restaurants in the Harvard Ave/ Brighton Ave zone. It's marked residential permit parking, but we've never had a problem (knock on wood). That Walgreens lot is terrifying though. We were in the area one night a while back, and there were several tow trucks repeatedly cleaning out the place.

                1. re: VintageMolly

                  There are metered spots (no quarters needed after 8) galore behind the Packards Corner Star Market, on Ashford, Gardner, Malvern and Alcorn. Ditto the intersection of Harvard and Comm Ave. Both of these are at most a 10-minute walk from Lulu's, and that's if you're being pokey.

                  1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                    Add to that: N. Beacon St after Everett St down to the Volvo - no meters.

              4. I went last night, Shared the deviled eggs, summer salad, and mussels. Everything was very good. Nice addition to the neighborhood but does this mean that Allston is getting more upscale?.

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                1. re: chuck s

                  Nine out of ten Allston restaurants are still budget-class, but there is slow, incremental upscaling. Carlo's, Deep Ellum / Lone Star Taco Bar, Shanghai Social Club, The Glenville Stops, Fish Market and Lulu's are all places where you can drop $50 on dinner if you try, especially with a drink or two. Not exactly the South End yet.


                  1. re: chuck s

                    Thanks for reporting, chuck. What did you think of the "coziness" factor? Warm or more bar-like? Thanks. The menu looks fun but I didn't get a sense when I drove by a couple of weeks ago.