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Jul 13, 2014 02:02 PM

[Oban] Waterfront Fishouse

Another corker. On the railway pier by the ferry terminal, up a floor so a great view of the harbour (NB only 3 tables by the windows, so specify on booking).

Informal, bustly, and a menu that reads really well in its own right, and then you have the specials of the day...

We had cold/hot smoked salmon rilettes with oatcakes. Genrous portion, deftly flavoured. I had oysters - half raw, half grilled with honeyed bely pork. Yum. Oysters were on the small side but perfectly formed and that lovely sweet iodine tang.

My main challenged me NOT to order it: hot smoked rainbow trout from Bute with sauteed potatoes in a sort of light mustardy dressing, a fried duck egg, black pudding, and home made brown sauce. Gosh it was every bit as good as it read. From the specials, pan fried Scrabster landed hake with sauce vierge and a saffron and pea risotto with walnut pesto. Really confidently done.

Too full for puddings, alas. This was partly because we'd stopped by the Oban Chocolate Company earlier which is another must. Gorgeous 'proper' hot chocolate made with your choice of chocolate, waffles, fondues...and then a chocolate shop from which we had a wee selection of earl grey truffles, salted caramel, gin and lemon and IRN BRU! Genius.

If we were here another night, Nouri's fish and chips looks like a great cheap and cheerful choice, with plenty of tables for eating in.

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  1. Apologies for typos - my keyboard's obviously feeling homesick...

    1. Is that the place that has a small takeaway space downstairs - it's almost next door tot he ferry terminal?

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      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Yes, there are two seafood stalls. Not sure if they're connected to the restaurant though or just local fishermen. They looked fantastic. If only we had more time here!

        1. re: helen b

          Glad to hear it's still producing great food.

          Mr Gimlet, it's a side entrance to the ferry terminal and located above (and with entrance right next to) the bar. I don't believe that they do take away but I think that the bar and the restaurant are linked. The seafood stalls aren't linked.

      2. Irn Bru truffles? Want!