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Jul 13, 2014 02:01 PM

Let's talk about white bread

I haven't bought typical white bread for 20 years probably, but a few posts lately have me thinking back on the place it has held in my own food life. St Paul sandwiches are made on white bread, and loose meat sandwiches on white bread buns. In St Louis i was served pork steak from roadside grills laid on a slice of white bread, presumably to catch the grease and sauce.

Baloney sandwiches, fried egg sandwiches, or even PBJ's, don't taste the same anymore. Even just a slice of toast, man.

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  1. I buy white bread once a year, to consume my annual quota of bologna. I need white bread, yellow American cheese and regular bologna. Three sandwiches later I remember why I dont eat it anymore, and the next day my wedding ring barely fits.

    Ive tried gussying up my sandwich with rye, or mortadella, but it doesnt hit that sweet nostalgia spot like the white.

    1. This is a pop song "Let's talk about white bread"

      "Let's talk about white bread, baby"

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      1. If it is good white, and there is good tasting white, not to be eaten all the time, such as daily, there are great items such as mortadella, that can aid in constructing a sandwich, that will be enjoyed.

        I stay away from Boars Head, since the 1990s have done that. If you take your bread seriously, one should take the deli meats if that is what you use, seriously.

        Boars Head is monopoly. It is similar to buying all ones cheese from Land o' Lakes, or such.

        This is more about food industry destroying food, than anything else, for revenue, and gain.

        1. It's a funny thing; if I'm out at a diner for a Western Omelet and home fries, and they ask me "what kind of toast?" I almost invariably answer whole-wheat. It's not true whole wheat, 100% whole wheat, but I really like diner whole-wheat toast. Yet there's something comforting about white bread; we all grew up on it in the US, at least most of us did. White bread, toasted, is comfort food. A cup of tea and white toast when I'm ill is a wonderful thing; it makes me feel better immediately. Grilled cheese on white bread with tomato soup; again, it's a comfort food thing. We routinely have "white bread" in the form of hot dog buns & hamburger buns, and we don't think anything of it. But we put the knock on white bread, when there can be many grades of white bread; there's the really good, homemade or from a quality baker, and there is the really, really bad - like Wonder Bread.

          Nutritionally, white bread is generally speaking, a wasteland. I think all of us get that. However not all of our eating is about nutrition; sometimes, it's about what tastes good, what's familiar, or as I said before, comfort food.

          Some sandwiches cry out for white bread; egg salad with celery - white bread, egg salad with sweet red bell pepper and a little curry powder - pumpernickel. Gimme some rye toast, buttered or spread with peanut butter. There's a place for every bread somewhere on someone's plate. (Especially sourdough and baguettes - but I digress.)

          1. Grilled cheese sandwiches and bologna sandwiches just aren't the same on any other kind of bread. And I still like toasted white bread better than wheat toast.

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            1. re: Kontxesi

              That is not true. They may not be the same as what you eat with the white, but to use "not just the same", is indicating a valued experience that has not a comparable equal in value, if one were to use Russian multi-grain, or fresh baked polish brown.

              Cut thin, these breads aside from white, can do wonders (no pun intended) with grilled cheese.....

              1. re: Kontxesi

                My tastes have changed over that past 10 years and now I prefer whole grain bread for grilled cheese and peanut butter. I eat rye toast or bagels.

                My only use for white bread is a loaf or two at Thanksgiving to dry&cube for stuffing in a bird.

                1. re: Kelli2006

                  white bread represents a process that is done to rice, which takes the nutrition value out of it. Then they enrich it.

                  The Russians, Baltic regions never had this overtake their bread making.

                2. re: Kontxesi

                  I love using rye for grilled cheese sandwiches.